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Topics for Government Agencies, Civil Engineers, Project Development Planners, etc.

The link above provides a general “project overview” for our planned living system which meets family needs for food and energy and secure housing. The provided links discuss construction techniques, location, and project development plans for building this “new-technology” living system. Other added benefits of this system include “disaster preparedness” since this system is capable of resisting just about any type of manmade or natural disaster that can be imagined.

Topics Related to End-Time Events

The link above provides “biblical material” related to prophetic end-time events. There is no other book on earth that is like the bible. The fact that the bible gives accurate predictions of “yet-to-come” future events is evidence that this book is divinely inspired by God. These future prophetic events also provide us with inspiration on how we are to prepare for what is soon transpire on earth. One great advantage of our proposed automated living system is that our technology can serve to preserve people and their families during disastrous times. The coming “world-wide apostacy” and the following persecution of those who are godly will make building a place of refuge for God’s people all the more important. Having a self-sufficient living system in days to come will become vital for the preservation of those families who live according to godly biblical moral standards and who fear God and keep God’s commandments.

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