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Membership Files

KMI2 Proton Newsletter

To begin the membership-process a potential member can simply sign up for a Protonmail email address and then we will send our members our electronic newsletter links by email. We will use Protonmail email to share the vision and present project opportunities and volunteer sign-ups. We can communicate with our members by direct Protonmail to Protonmail secure email communications.

Monthly Membership Fee

We will charge a non-refundable monthly membership fee of 25,000 KRW for each member. This fee will cover our monthly administration costs and to hire the personnel needed to manage our member services and correspondence and cover the basic reoccurring administration costs. Members will send their monthly membership fee using direct pay wiring to our account. This will automatically provide us with the name of each member together with their membership fee (showing who are current and active members).

We will have volunteer signups for members to try out their abilities and earn promotion points. When we do hiring for positions within our organization it will be based upon the promotion points which they earn through volunteer work.

Innovation Development

We will notify members by email of the project-groups available to join and the costs involved. For example if a group of architects and engineers are working on a project they can collaborate together as a group within a secure encrypted environment for file sharing so that our innovations will be protected from electronic internet piracy. We will notify our members of the projects that we start and the groups formed to work on each project. In this manner, we can channel people into the right groups where they have an interest and knowledge to contribute.

Protonmail is the Starting Point for Membership

Again, the membership process starts off with signing up for a Protonmail email account then we will start communications and will send newsletters to inform members what we are developing and what volunteer projects or online work groups are available for them to join.


Interested parties should sign up for a Protonmail account for direct [Protonmail to Protonmail] secure communications and send an Protonmail email to the following Protonmail-based address:


Please copy and paste the above email address to your Protonmail email secure server.

To sign up for a Protonmail account click in the image below to see the link:

Protonmail signup

Civilization Building

We are planning to build a new civilization that is entirely established on the principles of God’s word-the bible. This means that every leadership position will be occupied by men only. These men will be promoted based solely upon what they can do. This is in direct contrast to the “women-ruled” western nations who seek to promote based only upon perverse liberal standards (without any ability or qualifications for the job). See the link “Merit-Based Promotion” for more details.