Korean Migrant Investment and Innovation (KMI2)

Koreans in Diaspora

My wife and I have traveled extensively internationally to many nations and it was surprising that we found Koreans in almost every place that we went. When we were in the States (waiting for the processing of my Korean wife’s US citizenship) we lived in a remote town in northwestern Colorado. Much to our surprise we even found Koreans living in that town who operated a hotel business there! Some of the best people we have met in the United States were Korean migrants who started business enterprises and who create economy wherever they go. These Koreans are clever and hard-working and industrious and follow Judeo/Christian culture (which is the key to their success).

Below is a map showing how many Koreans live outside of South Korea within many nations of the world:

Image Credit: Wiki

The map above shows that the population of South Koreans living abroad is dispersed among many nations of the world. The darker colors represent higher concentrations of Koreans living in diaspora.

Image Credit: Wiki

When the above data was published in 2019, there was over 7.4 million Koreans living abroad outside of South Korea (which is more than the entire population of the nation of Israel). These Koreans bring prosperity wherever they go by creating business enterprises and developing economy in numerous nations of their residence. It is for this reason that we want to harness the ingenuity and creativity and the entrepreneurial spirit of these Korean pioneers. We would like to train and recruit Koreans through KMI2 and develop the human resources (personnel) we need to build new civilizations abroad and expand into all of the various remote regions of the earth!