New Living System In Siberia

Image Credit: Remote Lands

We are currently making plans to build a new living system within the remote regions of Siberia. This system will be totally self-sufficient and is able to produce energy and food and products needed to sustain human life for an indefinite period of time. The production systems within will be largely automated so occupants can produce what they need with little human input other than general oversight. I have placed some “password protected” technical links below (which are for members only). These technical links reveal the general technical principles that we will employ in building our “self-sufficient” subsurface living system that is resistant to just about any type of manmade or natural disaster that can be imagined.

NSP2 – (Siberian Project)

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Moral Foundation Building

Having a solid “moral foundation” is essential for building a lasting and functional new society. Therefore our system will be established upon biblical principles found in the bible and the Jewish Torah.