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Training for Pioneers

Most of our training is directed toward men because it is men who are called by God to become leaders over their own households and to hold leadership roles within society. If a man can be trained to put their own households in order, then this will bring order to all society because society is made of family units (which God has designated to be headed by a man).

We also want to train our young men in developing them to become innovators. This is essential in developing the innovation technology needed to build our self-sufficient living systems within the sparsely populated regions of the world. We set up a link for our members at “NSP2” for describing our plans of setting up a refuge system in eastern Siberia.

Proposed Training Programs

Below are some links to the training programs that we are currently developing for our people and their families:

7K-Boy’s Club

The 7K-Boy’s Club is a male-mentoring program divided into three age-groups. There is the Bot-Tots Baby Boy training (age 3-8 years old) and the youth training from (age 9-12 years old) and the teenage boy training from (age 13-19 years old). Each level of the training will have projects that are adapted to the maturity and comprehension level of boys within each age-group. These programs will combine to provide boys with all of the man-skills they need to become future leaders and providers and protectors of their own family units.

Man-Skills Training Program

Many males have been raised in a dysfunctional home where the man was not the head of the household. So these men will be given the opportunity to learn those things they may have missed out on when growing up. This program is designed to provide adult males with the skills they need to fulfill their God-given roles as men.

Military Training Program

The military is a unique opportunity for imparting “man-skills” which are useful in preparing adult males with the skills that they need as men. We hope to work with existing military programs to provide leadership and pioneering skills to military personnel. This program is comparable to the Israeli IDF which provides the foundation of experience needed by all Israeli soldiers when competing in the job market. When Israeli employers interview new job applicants, they will first ask them what unit they served in within the IDF. All of their connections and tech experience are related to the training they received in the IDF. In similar manner, we can also develop a program which is beneficial to the soldiers after their military service term is completed by providing them with technical know-how and experience that carries over into job and employment as well as those serving as entrepreneurs within new business startups.

KMI2 Language Learning Program

Languages are essential for trade and commerce and human interaction. Those who possess language skills will have a wider range of opportunities to procure what they need even if they are forced to move across borders. They can literally talk their way out of a problem if they know languages and can communicate cross-culturally. Therefore, language learning is one more survival tool for them.

Women Training Program

KMI2 Home Management Program

Our [Home Management Program] is designed to train our young women in how to use automated technology for home management and cottage industry operational tasks. Our newly engineered living system is highly automated to produce fresh foods on location. The development of our “menu planning” system helps our home-manager women to produce the best meals for their families from produce grown on location. This system assists them in providing nutritious meals for their family that are fast and easy to prepare. Our system saves our home managers “time” which equates to providing them with more “time” in loving and mentoring their children toward greatness. We will have various programs designed to develop young girls so they have the tools they need to fulfill their God-given roles as women. Our home management program mentors’ women for becoming a helpmeet to their own husbands and a mother to their children and as an excellent home manager who provides oversight for the automated production system where they live.

Moral Foundation Training

Bible Topics

Our “Moral Foundation Training” is the most important part of “civilization building” because without a “moral foundation” then building a new civilization is like building a tall building upon sinking sand. A society without moral foundation will collapse under its own weight due to moral corruption. Therefore, it is biblical teaching that provides our members with principles to live by and these biblical principles govern everything that we do within our “bible-based” society. Some of the categories of biblical teaching we have available include Man Topics, Fivefold Ministry Topics, General Bible Topics, 7K-Bible, Women Topics, Jewish Topics, and Prayer Topics.

Civil Leadership Topics

Entire nations are destroyed when civil leaders have no fear of God. This is highly important because one corrupt leader can cause millions of people to suffer. Under this topic we have a number of lessons directed toward those holding civil leadership positions. They must fear God because He will hold them accountable for the actions they take during their time in public office.

End-Time Events

The bible depicts the future and what is about to take place on earth in the last days. It is these predictions which govern the way we do things and guide us in our preparations for the future. Knowing what is coming provides us with the direction we need to make wise decisions.