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Man Skills Training Program

The Man-Skills Training program is an “adult salvage program” designed to impart man-skills to those men who have already passed age twenty and above. We do not live in a perfect world and there are many men who did not have a good male mentoring program or even a good father figure to train them in their youth. Therefore we endeavor to provide all of the missed “basics” that adult men may have missed during their youth (as a result of a lack of male mentoring opportunities). This will be an adult-level course and will condense and compact everything that they have missed from our boy training programs that cover age 3 to age 19. While they may have missed out on having such a good male mentoring programs themselves, our adult men however can still have a good hope that their own sons can have a better life and better opportunities to prosper than they had themselves growing up. We can in essence “reverse the curse” by providing our men with the basics they need to prosper as men and become good leaders and providers and protectors of their own family units. They can work using what is left of their own lives to see to it that their own sons have a better opportunity than they had themselves growing up.