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Military Training Program

Our military program is designed to be a recruiting tool to find the best young men to be selected for participation in our living system. The militaries of Korea and Russia and other nations could greatly benefit from having this program incorporated together with their existing training. This training program works in conjunction with existing military training to develop military-aged young men as skilled labor, technicians, entrepreneurs and innovators. These young men will become the core personnel needed for the expansion of our community living system built within remote regions of the earth.

The reason we want to start such a program is so we can find young men (who are the best of the crop) and have the skills we need to build our living system abroad. It this these young men that can marry and start new families as part of our new living system that is much upgraded from anything available under the typical model that is currently being used in most places on earth.

This school is designed to develop the creativity of young men to become innovators by imparting to them skills in mechanical engineering and electrical engineering and CAD and Digital-modeling and 3D-Printing.

Our innovation school will be patterned after that of Mark Rober who worked as an engineer for NASA and developed his own innovation course.

See the link “Mark Rober-Creative Engineering” for more details.

Starting and Operating Business Enterprises

Once our innovators have proven themselves and have come up with operational new inventions then the next phase will be to setup production for manufacturing their innovations. This will involve entrepreneurs, management and labor. Entrepreneurs are individuals gifted in starting business enterprises. Once the enterprise is established however then it comes under the care of managers and labor to keep that production system operational.

Volunteer Roles and Job Placement

In order to develop the human resources that we need, it will be necessary to identify the gifts and talents and innate abilities which our members possess. It is for this reason that we want to rotate the young men through as many experiences as possible so that this experience can help them identify roles to which they are best suited. A few may be gifted as entrepreneurs and some might be gifted in the area of management and many will be effective in necessary labor roles. Those who are excellent in everything have potential to rise high in higher levels involving oversight and administration. Some will be good at managing and will discover this when they are given a chance to manage a project of some kind. Others are gifted in using their hands and can assemble and build products with great speed and accuracy.

We have some innovations that we need to create and roles to fulfill within our own organization. We can rotate the young men through the various related development projects and various roles giving them some hands-on experience to prove themselves. Those who are outstanding in what they do can receive “Promotion-Points” which can be applied to qualify for future roles within our company as the positions become available.

Thus, their time in the military can accomplish both military training and they can also acquire practical skills that are useful for employment opportunities in civilian life.

Changing Ideas into Reality

The innovation school is about coming up with ideas and then changing these into physical parts and assembling those parts into a machine and operating that machine by an automated system. The combining of various systems into one automated machine can be revolutionary.

For example, if our innovators can do digital modeling, they can take their thoughts and ideas and put them into a digital form. Then with 3D-printing then could create a mold from plastic material. This mold could be used to create a cast from foundry sand so that they can pour liquid metal into that mold to create a cast metal part. In the end they could take something that originated as an idea and create an exact cast iron or aluminum object or machine part.

Also, our students can learn how to do parts creation using a metal lathe and metal mill. These parts can then be assembled into a working device. When they add power sources and circuitry then they can progress into combining systems into something that is an automated machine.

Step by step they get closer to becoming innovators who are capable of designing automated computer-controlled systems which are run by computer apps.

They can learn this innovation process by doing simple projects and then progressing to projects that are more advanced and combine numerous different systems into one machine.

It is our goal to create automated systems that can produce energy and food and products (using minimum human input and oversight). Thus, the curse of Adam (men laboring to produce a living for their families) will be greatly reduced.

Any type of automation has the potential to greatly reduce human labor and save time enabling men to spent more time with their families and less time laboring just to make a living.

Building automated systems from the ground up is the goal of everything we do in our innovation school. An automated system can be created to do just about any type of work imaginable. In this way, machines will preform labor for humans and create prosperity while reducing physical labor.

Machines Creating Products

It is also our goal to create automated machines which can create all types of products. For example, an advanced machine could be built to create a complex product like cheese. This would be a really advanced project because there are so many steps involved in the process. But an innovator can break down all of the steps and create the parts and assemble them into devices which are controlled by circuits and power sources and computer apps. In the end the system could make a complete product with greatly reduced labor and which system requires only general oversight. Such a system would be ideal for our housewives who would be able to raise their children at home and still provide needed oversight for these largely “automated” systems at home.

Our automation will include devices for livestock production and plant growth and irrigation and energy generation and lighting and audio and visual systems for remote management and oversight. Everything is designed to be as “automated” as possible to provide increased production and income with greatly reduced human labor.

Example of Military/Civilian Training

One example of military training used for civilian use is the Israeli Defense Force (IDF) in Israel which has been successful in preparing its personnel for future roles as tech-company startup entrepreneurs.

Just as South Korea has a mandatory military training so also Israel has a required military training. Both nations face outside military threats which require their men to be prepared to defend their nations. But this training has proven invaluable for preparing soldiers for civilian applications and business. It is a known fact that most of the best entrepreneurs for starting tech companies have come out of the Israeli Defense Force (IDF).

See the link “Start-Up Nation” for more details.

Israeli innovation can be traced to the military training provided by the (IDF) which provides young people with the training needed to become innovators and entrepreneurs. It is this training which has great application for developing entrepreneurs and innovators. Israel was forced to develop more military innovations than any other nation. This was necessary for their national survival because they faced enemies which were numerically superior in size with large armies and advanced weapons. Israelis were forced to innovate in order to survive and they had to make innovations that were better and more cost effective in defense than their enemies.

Also, the soldiers in the IDF are trained how to make decisions on the fly so that no time is wasted because they do not have time to try and contact a superior higher up in the chain-of-command to make the decision for them. They must innovate and make decisions in the heat of battle and learn to overcome and because of this they are the most successful military on earth which are able to defeat enemies that are much stronger and more numerous than themselves.

This IDF training however has great application and carryover for civilian life because all of the great innovators in Israel started out in the Israeli military and they carried the same spirit of being a military innovator into creating new start-up enterprises. Today they have the highest per capita of start-up enterprises on earth. The same qualities it takes to overcome in the military during time of war also apply in overcoming and innovating and problem solving related to creating a successful start-up enterprise.

Training to Develop Innovators

It is our goal to develop a Military Training Program that works in conjunction with existing military training and is patterned after a similar program as is used by the IDF in Israel. We want to offer young military-aged men all of the training that they need to develop them into becoming innovators and problem solvers. Many people outside of Israel do not see the great value of military training and the great role it plays in innovation development. But the same traits of “overcoming” and “innovation development” learned by recruits in the IDF can also be taught to our recruits within the South Korean Military and Russian militaries as well. Thus, their military service time can be put to good use so that they will be prepared for fulfilling future roles as civilization builders.

Innovations Bring Prosperity

One innovation can be worth millions of dollars and can change the way humans live on earth. It is for this reason that we want to develop our military members by imparting skills needed for them to become innovators. It is their innovations that can enable us to generate energy and grow food and create products even in remote regions of the world and to develop a new living system that is largely automated and greatly reduces the curse of Adam. Our men can prosper and feed their families without limitation simply by having an automated system do most of the work for them in producing prosperity.

Reducing the Curse of Adam

Adam brought a curse upon the earth and had to labor to feed his family by the sweat of his brow. But this curse can be greatly reduced by automated machinery and AI which can accomplish work on behalf of humans. This is a means by which men can have more free time with their families and spend less time laboring for a living.

Procreation Ceases in Hard Times

Jeremiah 14:5 (NASB)

5 “For even the doe in the field has given birth only to abandon her young, Because there is no grass.

It is a principle of nature that even a wild animal like a deer will abandon her fawn in time of famine or drought. The deer has a natural instinct to know that she cannot keep both herself alive and keep her fawn alive when there is not enough food to be found during a drought. Therefore, the deer will abandon her fawn in order to survive herself in hope of outlasting the famine in order to reproduce again in the future when better times have arrived again.

This same principle is also true of men trying to support their families but are overwhelmed by a high cost of living and the high cost of education which cause them to limit their family size. These high expenses are the reason that many women are forced to abandon their essential role as a homemaker as they try to work under the curse of Adam (like a man) trying to help pay the bills when her husband cannot make a living wage. It is this curse of poverty that will cause men to refrain from having a family or reduce their family to only one or two children.

But under our system the curse of Adam is largely negated by technology which can produce energy and food and products so that our men do not have to labor like “slaves” continually just to feed their families. They are free to have as many children as they want without considerations of family-limits based only on financial income. Women are also free to devote themselves as homemakers and stay at home full-time to raise their children to be well-adjusted human beings who do not lack the love of a mother. When women work outside the home it will typically be detrimental to raising children who need the “full-time” care of their mother. Without a mother’s love during their developmental year’s children will not grow up to be well-adjusted adults.

Again, this calamity of “lack” in starting a family can be avoided by employing technology to produce a livelihood for a man so that he can focus more time on what is important and mentor his children to be outstanding future citizens.

Our Innovation School imparts innovation skills to our young military-aged men so that they will be prepared as innovators to prosper so they can afford to have families and also have the free-time needed to become outstanding fathers and know how to mentor their own children toward greatness. They can pass their own skills onto their children and grandchildren after them so that this knowledge will be carried on to the following generations. These men will know how to innovate can create their own prosperity and create their own livelihood even if the world’s centralized economic system should collapse.

See also the link “7K-Boy’s Club” for details on our program for mentoring boys age 3-19.