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Biblical Topics

The header image above (depicting some recipe cards in an index file) could be used to illustrate that there are different types of “spiritual-food” available within various categories of teaching. Some biblical topics relate to all believers in general. Some relate specifically to men and to husbands and to male leadership. Some topics relate to laymen and some topics relate to Levites (called into the Fivefold Ministry). There are some topics that relate specifically to women and speak of God’s role for women in marriage. There are numerous biblical topics that have specific application to believers of all generations. These biblical principles have direction application for teaching believers how to have a successful and orderly life on earth (setting their families in order) while at the same time providing directions for believers to prepare them for all eternity (after their natural human lives expire on earth).

Bible Topic Categories

Below are some categories of teaching subjects divided into Man Topics, Fivefold Ministry Topics, General Bible Topics, 7K-Bible, Women Topics, Jewish Topics and Prayer Topics. Left-clicking on the blue-links below will take the viewers to the associated webpages.

Man Topics

Man Topics are listed first because they are of the utmost importance. God has ordained that men should fulfill the roles of being providers and protectors and leaders of their own households. All society is made up of families so when the family is set in order according to the divine order of God, then there will be peace and order within all society. Men have been given the responsibility of setting their own households in order so all change starts with the men. When men assume leadership in the home there will be peace and order and blessing which will overflow into all society in direct proportion to the number of men who put their own households in order. We have subjects such as “Divine Order for Women” included under the Man Topics because they have to know how to deal with their wives according to God’s wisdom. This even includes instructions how to “Put-the-Monkey-on-the-backs” of rebellious wives who refuse to submit to their male authority as God has commanded. All of these lessons provide instructions for men on how to put their households in order with wives under submission and children obedient and peace and order ruling under that roof.

Fivefold Ministry Topics

Fivefold Ministry Topics are next in order of importance because these deal with those called into the Fivefold Ministry as New Testament Levites. These lessons give instructions how to put the church in order according to the divine order of God. When the church is in order then the blessing of God will be made manifest within the operations of that church. People will experience healing and financial increase and order in the home when the word of God is taught as it relates to these subjects.

General Biblical Topics

General Biblical Topic contain teaching material that is pertinent to all believers in general. This biblical knowledge will help them live successful and godly lives during their time on earth and will also help them to finish their race on earth and to secure their position in the kingdom of God.

Women Topics

Women topics relate to how single women can ask God for their mate in specific prayer. Also there are topics related to how godly women can please God by honoring their male authority and how they are essential in providing their children with the love and nurturing they need to become well-adjusted and successful human beings.

Jewish Topics

There is much revelation seen in Jewish culture which is essential to knowing about God. All that God has revealed to humanity has come through the Jews and God send His Son Yeshua (Jesus) the Messiah to bring salvation to all humanity. There are numerous Jewish Topics that related to spiritual principles and it is for this reason that “Everything Good Comes from the Jews” because they bring the knowledge of salvation and sanitation and law and everything that makes for a progressive and clean and sanitary society on earth.

Prayer Topics

Prayer is simply communing with God but humans must learn the proper protocol to approach God on God’s term. These prayer topics deal with the prayer avenue of approaching God in prayer and can result in a successful prayer life and answered prayers for the believers.


This bible takes the best translations of more than nine translations and corrects those errors that have resulted in supporting the practices of false doctrines. Also included is an link for Bible Mistranslations which shows why it is necessary to have an accurate bible translation that flows together with the overall “big-picture” bible principles seen throughout the bible from Genesis to Revelation.


Lesson Downloads

All of the biblical teaching lessons on this site are available for free download. This has an advantage for those who are unable to have internet access at home but could download and save the files to run on their computer in a remote area without internet access.