Synology (NAS)

Image Credit: B&H

Synology (NAS) Network Attached Storage

The purpose of having a NAS is to enable each of our members to have their own server at home. We would like to have a population of at least 600,000 families made up of numerous language and nationality sectors. What we want to do is have each family install a NAS system which they will use to hold their own crypto currency, and bank accounts and children’s educational electronic books. Also the NAS system will be expanded so that every family will host a portion of the servers used by the association. In this manner, each family will receive rental income for the storage space they host for the Association records. Having the storage space dispersed among over 600,000 families provides some redundancy and a safety factor so that no centralized server farm can be destroyed all at one time by some disastrous event.

Another key factor is the division of powers to resist satanic consolidation. Data is power and those who control data can control society. Therefore it is harder to control such data when it is spread among many servers. The founding fathers of the United States understood the human sin nature and the capacity of humans to do evil. This is why they divided their new government into different branches in hope of resisting the consolidation of power so that the government would not fall under the control of one dictator and his cronies that serve him. The satanic tendency toward consolidation of power occurs when those who accept bribes will be paid off by bribers and thus cartels of power form with big business leaders bribing civil leaders to pass laws that benefit only themselves and their group. Once this occurs then all society will fall into disarray when a small group of evil people rule then nation and the rest of the population languishes under their control.

So divisions of power initiated as a tool to help thwart and resist satanic consolidation among evil men lusting to seize power over all society. But even these measures are not enough to stop such evil consolidation because the only thing that can stop it is having men appointed to all leadership positions who hate bribes and therefore cannot be bought off because they fear God and are moral and just men. To see more on this subject about how God confused the languages of earth and divided the land mass into separated continents in order to resist satanic consolidation see the link below:

See the link “Division of Continents” for more details.

It is under this principle that we want to install NAS systems in every home so that each household will have their own data server and hold their own crypto and banking software and educational materials and even host server space for the association. This is done to help resist evil consolidation of wicked men who are inspired by Satan to form cartels of power to seize the labor of the citizens for themselves and rule over everyone else as tyrants. It would be harder to control and centralize when over 600,000 individual families all host vital information on their own servers at home. If evil men control the information then they can control an entire population. We want to keep the power in the hands of the citizens so they will not be oppressed by a few evil men working together with bribed civil leaders to create cartels of power which enforce their own will upon the population.

NAS Purchase

I purchased the above Synology DiskStation DS1621xs+ 6-Bay NAS Enclosure with Synology router in February 2022. I installed four 10TB hard drives and two 4TB hard drives. I started with the configuration recommended by Marius Hosting of Romania, then I had my Korean computer tech guys finalize the options for me. (See the link “Marius Hosting Configuration” for more details).

Upgrading the Dust Filtration System

This image above is probably the worst case of dust accumulation that anyone has ever seen for an electronic device. It is possible that a CPU can become this clogged with dust like this if it is not cleaned periodically or if it has no means of dust filtration.

Above is an image of a paper dust filter as the type used for central air conditioners. I thought that this type of filter might be useful to capture dust before it enters the computer cabinet where I house my NAS system.

Above is a dust capture system that has filters on all four-sides. I was thinking of a way to filter dust before it enters my computer cabinet and this image gave me some inspiration.

I found this dust filter material on Amazon that is electro-statically charged so that dust should cling to it. I used this to line the inside of my computer cabinet so filter dust before it can enter.

I lined the side of this cabinet with this filtration material and held it in place with some small magnets. It was difficult to work with however because this filtration paper is as fragile as toilet paper and is easily torn.

In order to seal the ends of the cabinet off from dust, I attached a length of filtration paper using magnets to the side panel doors leaving it long so that I could attach to all four sides with magnets inside to hold it in place within the steel box of the computer cabinet.

The image above shows the exhaust fan attached to the ceiling of the computer box over the filtration paper.

At first, I attached the exhaust fan over the filtration paper on the inside of the cabinet. This however impeded airflow so the temperature was about 39 Celsius when the exhaust vent was covered.

Later, I opened the exhaust fan vents by cutting them open so the air could exhaust freely. This lowered the internal temperature of the cabinet down to about 24-26 Celsius (depending on room temperature).

I found a LAN cable at Diaseo in Korea for 5,000 KRW and I also purchased a connector so I can connect two LAN cables together.

I cut a slot into the steel cabinet case using an abrasive disk grinder and then installed a plug outlet and the LAN connector using some PVC plastic sheet that I affixed to the cabinet (both inside and outside) using self-drilling screws.

I plugged the power cord I assembled into the wall outlet and inserted the LAN into the wall port labeled NAS as seen above. This LAN cable and power cord run to the computer cabinet and I plugged the NAS (within the cabinet) into the power outlet and the LAN connector I installed into the wall of the cabinet.

The cabinet is linked with an external digital thermometer which was over 26 Celsius at the time the image was taken (which is much cooler after the exhaust vents were opened on top). The vents in the sides of the cabinet are all covered by this filtration paper on the inside so all dust should be captured entering the cabinet as the air circulates out the top of the cabinet through the exhaust fan.

I believe that upgrading the dust filtration system with this electrostatic filter paper will do a better job capturing dust before it can clog the NAS system.

Plan for Family NAS

Again, the reason that I shared about this NAS is because we have plans to have a “Family-NAS-network-system” in our community so that each member will own a NAS for their own family use. Educational files can be placed on this system for children’s educational programs. The same NAS can also be equipped to operate surveillance cameras which can be used to monitor plant growth tunnels in our Family Production Unit (FPU). Each family will also use their NAS to host their banking software and crypto currency savings. These NAS systems will be hooked up within a “closed-circuit” meaning that only those within our community will have access to this system. We can do education and finance and communications for every family by connecting all of these “Family-Owned” NAS systems to our association database network.

Bulk Purchasing Power

Once we have thousands of members then we can arrange to order our NAS systems directly from the factory in Taiwan. If we order thousands of units at one time then we can have them made custom to suit our specific purposes and we can also obtain substantial discounts so that our members will enjoy a great cost savings over paying full-retail prices for their family NAS systems. We will have the entire system set-up in a package deal so that our people can enjoy these systems out of the box and ready to go to meet all of the computer needs of their family for education, finance and communications.

In fact, we hope to engineer a franchise deal with the manufacturers in Taiwan to allow us to reproduce their manufacturing system in Siberia so we can produce as many NAS systems as we need for expansion as well as surplus units for sale.