Male Learning Method

Boys learn differently than females do and they require a hands-on approach and this is best accomplished by being mentored by other men who understand how a male thinks. Memorization of material and recitals and regurgitating information on a score sheet for a grade is largely a method developed by unisex (coed) schools as they tried to adapt a curriculum to fit both genders in a coeducation system. 

I have actually met people who have an outstanding short-term memory and were excellent in taking exams and could get straight A’s on their academics with little study. They graduated with honors in a system that grades them on test-taking. But those males that I know, who were successful at taking exams were typically failures in life and never amounted to anything. This was because they could not do anything practical after graduation which could put food on the table or pay bills for their families. 

Being a professional “test-taker” is really not something that will help a man in life because in the real-world there are few employers who will pay them for memorizing information and regurgitating it on a score sheet. If a boy does not learn anything that can be applied to real life then in fact his education was useless! There are numerous graduates of coed schools who are not employable regardless of having their “advanced-degrees” and even high GPA’s. There are many courses of study that are a complete waste of time because these pursuits were taken only for entertainment but serve no practical purpose in imparting skills that help a man earn a living. There are many US graduates of these fake-courses who find themselves unemployed after graduation and in dire straits because they are unable to pay back their student loans (which cannot be cancelled by bankruptcy). Education is no joke and if the course of study does not provide useable employment skills then in fact that student was not thinking of their future. They were just attending school to socialize with friends and have a good time without consideration of how they would earn a living or pay back their student loans after graduation.

The coeducation system in the US and other western nations today is largely nothing but “rote” as people are graded in taking exams rather than having their analytical skills developed. Boys are being deprived of the “hands-on” mentoring process that God created them to learn by. Boys are to be mentored by fathers and learn best by “hands-on” experienced being taught by men. Adjusting the entire educational system to a “coeducational-level” has removed male learning method from the equation because this is not compatible with female learning. Both gender groups are run through the same generic program of “memorization” and “rote” and “test-taking” and this is not beneficial to the male learning process. One factor related to the increase of dysfunctional and effeminate males in this generation is that fact that they were educated in a coeducational system that has been adjusted to suit female learning styles. 

Another reason that so many of today’s generation of young males have become “eunuchs” is because of the high divorce rate. This divorce rate is caused by women equality and feminine rebellion against male authority in the home. This divorce rate is over 50% in America and even higher among Christian woman who ascribe to the false doctrine of “gender-equality” and refuse to submit to their husbands as God has commanded them.

(See my teaching lesson called “Divine Order for Women” for more details)

This divorce rate is devastating to families. With half the US marriages ending in divorce this results in about half the young men being raised by single-parent-divorced-working-mothers. This is the reason these boys often join gangs because there is no one left at home to take care of them and they do not have a male “father-figure” at home to mentor them as boys. There is no possibility on earth for a woman to mentor a boy to become a man for the simple reason that she is not one herself. I have seen boys raised by women who behave and look totally effeminate. These boys have been conditioned to think like women and are entirely void of masculine logic.

Unless boys have a special education system based entirely upon male mentoring and a “hands-on” approach in education, then they will not develop normally as men. This is the reason that over half the males in this present generation in American all behave in “effeminate” manner and even think like women. I call these liberal males “eunuchs” because a eunuch has been castrated of what makes him a man. These liberal males (raised by women) are totally void of the masculine logic (which is the major factor in what makes a male into a real man).

See the link “Women Destroy Civilization” for more details.