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Women Destroy Civilization

When Eve assumed leadership over her husband and gave him the forbidden fruit (after she had already eaten it herself) then she brought a curse to the whole earth. Eve was easy to deceive because of her feminine thinking of equality for all.

Until today Satan targets women for deception because women are prone toward deception and through women Satan can destroy nations and bring entire civilizations into complete ruination.

1 Timothy 2:11-14 (NKJV)

11 Let a woman learn in silence with all submission.

12 And I do not permit a woman to teach or to have authority over a man, but to be in silence.

13 For Adam was formed first, then Eve.

14 And Adam was not deceived, but the woman being deceived, fell into transgression.

God created the men to be the leaders and the women are to submit to their own husbands as the Lord commanded. A woman is to learn from her husband and be in silence (not talking back or resisting male authority) and is to be under full submission to her husband as the head of the home. It is not permitted that a woman should teach a man or have authority over men but they are to remain silent not making any type of leadership decisions.

Adam was first created by God then Eve was created to be his helpmeet. So, the woman was made for the man not the man being made for the woman.

1 Corinthians 11:8-9 (NKJV)

For man is not from woman, but woman from man.

Nor was man created for the woman, but woman for the man.

It is significant how God created the woman. If God created the woman from the dust of the earth (the same as God created Adam) then they would be two equal individuals. But instead, God put the man to sleep and removed from Adam a rib and some flesh and this he formed into a woman. The woman was created out of the man so when a man is joined to his wife in marriage then everything that was missing in him is restored and he becomes a complete person when married to a woman.

Everything that was feminine in Adam was removed and placed into his wife Eve. This is why men still have nipples (which shows traces or evidence that at one time Adam contained female attributes before these were removed and placed into his wife Eve). Therefore, it is totally natural for a man to marry a woman and the two people become one-flesh or one-person together in marriage. The woman is barren as a single and the man is barren as a single but when they join together in marriage both the man and the woman become fruitful and can bear children.

Male and female parts

In the image above, the parts on the left are called male parts and the parts on the right are called female parts. While this may be infuriating to liberal feminists (who label such things as sexist) this is in fact standard trade terminology used to describe compatible parts in electrical wiring, computer hardware, plumbing and many other industrial applications. Although these male and female parts are entirely different, they are at the same time made for each other.

The same principle is also true of human anatomy because while the male and female parts are entirely different, they are at the same time made for each other. Two men are made with the same parts and therefore not compatible because they possess nothing that is missing in the other. Two women are also created with the same parts and are not compatible for that reason because they do not possess anything that is missing in the other. Same-sex marriages are unnatural because they do not have the natural ability to procreate. Only the opposite sexes joined together can create new life in the form of children.

God created men and women entirely different and they are different in every cell of their bodies. Even skeletal remains can be identified by gender by a forensic scientist because every bone in their human bodies is entirely unique according to their gender.

God did not make males and females the same at all but at the same time God made them for each other and they will not find fulfillment except it be within marriage to one of the opposite gender.

See the link “Mix Not Laws” for more details.

Feminine Thinking

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Another great difference found between males and females is the way that they think. A woman’s mind does not operate the same as a man’s mind operates. Feminine thinking is vastly different than masculine logic. Feminine thinking is generally open-minded to the thoughts and opinions of others and they generally will seek to grant equality for all. Feminine thinking will tend to give others what they want in the present time frame without consideration for the long-term result of their decisions.

This is like a mother trying to give an “equal-sized” piece of pie to each of her children. While feminine thinking is good for raising small children, it is however misplaced in positions of civil leadership.

Masculine logic considers the long-term effects of a decision and masculine logic is willing to make immediate sacrifices in the present for the sake of a long-term good. Masculine logic is more concerned with doing what is right rather than with trying to please everyone and grant “equality for all” by giving everyone an “equal” say in the matter.

Feminine thinking is best suited for managing the home but is totally misplaced in leadership positions and civil government positions were trying to grant “equality for all” can destroy an entire nation. Trying to please everyone will result in nothing but causing strife and arguing as their boat sinks while no one takes the decisive leadership needed to save the nation from disaster. Women in leadership typically pull any group of people into the inactivity of airing opinions and debating rather than taking decisive action needed to keep them all from sinking into oblivion!

The first woman Eve displayed her open-mindedness to the thoughts and opinions of the devil. It was through her open-mindedness that Satan found an opportunity to deceive her. It is for this reason that the feminine mind is prone toward deception.

Genesis 3:4-6 (NIV)

“You will not surely die,” the serpent said to the woman.

“For God knows that when you eat of it your eyes will be opened, and you will be like God, knowing good and evil.”

When the woman saw that the fruit of the tree was good for food and pleasing to the eye, and also desirable for gaining wisdom, she took some and ate it. She also gave some to her husband, who was with her, and he ate it.

In the garden of Eden, Satan appeared in the form of a serpent and the tempted the woman to transgress against God’s commands. The devil appealed to the woman’s feminine sense of “equality” and told her that it was not right that God was on a higher level than she was and if Eve would only eat the forbidden fruit, then she could become “equal” with God!

Women are prone toward deception and are easy to deceive. It is for this reason that Satan always targets women for deception before the men. If the women can obtain equality and occupy civil leadership positions then they will inevitably destroy nations just as is currently evident in the downfall of all western civilization. Clicking on the image below will open the video.

Liberal Women Destroy Western Civilization

The video above was created by Black Pigeon Speaks (a site run by a Canadian unbeliever who lives in Japan). WARNING: (This is not a Christian video in language or content) but I have edited it as much as possible while still retaining the essentials of the message. But this video is still important because the author really defined the problem in accurate manner concerning “women-equality” in Western nations. This video once had millions of views before it was attacked vehemently by Utube and repeatedly removed as forbidden information. Utube is run by liberal women (and liberal beta males that serve them) and they have employed algorithms against the display of this video but nevertheless it has been repeatedly reposted by viewers.

This video above illustrates the fact that western men have granted western women freedom to vote and freedom to hold public civil office. But when these women gained the right to vote then they voted for liberals whose policies work toward the destruction of western civilization. These same liberal women have also forsaken marriage and the family resulting in low birth rates in western nations which are now below population replacement rates. Today the western civilization is going extinct due to a lack of children being born.

Satan Targets Women

Again, the same theme is evident that Satan targets women for deception because they are so easy to deceive. They will fight for equal rights and for the right to vote but when they received these privileges then they vote for liberal politicians who destroy their nations. These same western women promote equality for all (including that of homosexuals).

While at first glance it would seem like a good thing to give people equality but the homosexuals did not stop at having the right to be sodomites. Instead, they continued to pursue a place of dominance over the rest of society. Today if a Christian even posts a bible scripture on Facebook (which shows that homosexuality is perversion) then they can be interrogated by a western government for hate crimes.

Women have used civil authority to enforce pro-homosexual agenda and now a Christian business (such as a wedding cake bakery) can be sued and bankrupted for not catering to homosexual wedding. The homosexuals also force their curriculum within schools and start homosexual clubs in the schools to recruit the children of heterosexual couples into a gay lifestyle. Christian schools and Christian universities and churches have also been sued by homosexuals which demand that homosexuals be accepted as students and even clergy. The Christians are forced to either comply with homosexual agenda or be closed down or bankrupted or jailed. Women in civil leadership positions have passed laws and enforce these laws which favor homosexuals over the rest of society. This civil action results in the destruction of western civilization which was once founded upon Judeo/Christian principles.

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The image above shows liberal women and their beta-male enablers protesting for the rights of minorities such as those who are both black and transvestites. Liberals assume themselves to be on the moral “high-ground” looking down on everyone else as they stand in the position as a “defender” of minorities. This is all based upon female leadership and the principle of pushing equality for all (regardless of what the bible says).

Under the new women-led liberalism in the west the minority is elevated over the majority. If a person is a woman, then they are elevated over men. If they have color in their skin they are elevated over whites. So, if they are both “colored” and “women” then they are given a special high “social-standing” within the new liberal society.

If someone is a transvestite then they are elevated more than heterosexuals. But if they are a “black-transvestite” then they are placed at the pinnacle of “social-standing” within the new women-led social liberal order. The slogan seen in the image above says, “Black Trans-lives Matter” meaning that a black-transvestite is worthy of exaltation in the minds of a liberal because they are a “super-aggrandized-minority” being both black and a transvestite at the same time. Thus women-led “equality-for-all” slips into complete insanity.

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Liberal Insanity

Liberal women now claim there are many genders and a person can claim any type of gender that they happen to identify with. This has led to the confusion of allowing biological males to enter women sports.

Image Credit: Breitbart News

The image on the left is of a male-swimmer who previously had competed in male swimming sports. Later the same guy identified himself as a tranny (as pictured on the right) and now he completes in women’s swimming sports. This guy is dominating their competition and breaking every record for women swim sports. During a 1,650-yard swim competition he was a full 38-seconds ahead of the second runner-up woman swimmer in the same event. This is a huge lead and this guy could probably have got out of the pool and had a cup of coffee before the next woman swimmer finished the same race!

Allowing biological males to compete in women’s sports is part of women-led liberal insanity where they elevate a “transvestite” above everyone else. Ironically the success of this guy swimming in women swim sports completely destroys the liberal insanity that says men and women are equal. His record-breaking success clearly shows that men and women are not the same and that a man is much stronger and faster than a woman and can break all of their women’s records and steal all of the medals and rewards for himself.

See the link “Trans-Swimmer Dominates Women’s Sports for more details.

Again, women civil leaders care for nothing except “equality” so if some guy calls himself a “woman” then he is given preferential treatment as a “minority” to be protected by liberal law. Such a man is allowed to compete in women’s sports and win all of the titles and receive the scholarships and gain a lot of money from advertisement endorsements that would have normally gone to ladies.

Left-clicking on the image above will forward viewer to an article link. This article shows that American western women in civil leadership (and their liberal beta males) who took over the US State Department have now thought it necessary to create special passports that are neither male nor female gender but are instead labeled as “Gender-X” for people who have changed their biological identity by choosing to identify themselves as a tranny. This is completely “logical” to the feminine mind that if a boy puts on a dress and identifies that he is a woman then he can have access the girl’s restrooms and can even play women’s sports or have a special “Gender-X” passport. This is all pushed by legislative action and enforced by law enforcement agencies. This is how feminine “equality for all” goes into complete insanity when women hold positions of civil authority and pass laws based only on forcing “equality-for-all” (including equality for trannies) as their new perceived minority! Western women in civil leadership positions typically seek to elevate every type of “minority” based upon their “feminine-thinking” of [equality-for-all].

Beta Males and Liberal Women Operate by Feminine Thinking

The beta liberal males who serve women are typically born into households of divorced single-parent working mothers and are raised without influence of a man in the home. This is why eunuch beta males have been “castrated” of their masculine logic by having been raised solely by women. These defective males do not know what it means to be a man and therefore they gravitate toward following women leadership. They are called “Beta-Male Enablers” for this reason because they serve and enable liberal women who occupy leadership positions. The entire ruling party of western nations (including the USA and Canada and South Africa and Australia and New Zealand and the liberal civil leadership found in most of the European nations) is largely comprised of women and the beta males that follow them. Beta males operate by feminine thinking just like their female counterparts so liberalism is based entirely upon the “feminine-thinking” of [equality-for-all].

In the end, the leadership of liberal women will result only in the destruction of Christianity and the ruination of the western nations. This is the goal of Satan who uses liberal women to fulfill his agenda to eradicate all Christians and remove the bible from western society and remove God’s laws from the earth.

In America the beta male president “Joe Biden” (and his “handlers” both liberal women and other beta male liberals) are now importing millions of aliens to replace the American Judeo/Christian population and serve as a new liberal voting base to keep liberals in power. In the end these liberals (women and beta males) will destroy the country and turn it into a third-world nation thus ending the Christian influence of the United States once and for all. They are unwittingly fulfilling “satanic agenda” by every policy they implement toward the destruction of Judeo/Christian culture on earth!

Effects of Women in Civil Authority

Note: Clicking on these images below will forward the viewer to the related article.

Above is an image and link to news headline where a conservative Finnish Christian woman politician posted a picture of a scripture on social media which was deemed as “criticizing” homosexuality. So, she was prosecuted for “hate-crimes” and faces six-years in prison for her biblical beliefs. The prosecuting liberal civil leaders (predominately liberal women and the beta males that serve them) are giving a message to all bible believers to silence them by making an example of this Christian.

In the UK, a 71-year-old pastor was arrested by the British police who forcefully cuffed him and injured this elderly man’s wrist and arm during the arrest. His crime was reading the bible in public and saying that marriage was for a man and a woman. The British police are enforcing laws created by liberal women and their beta males to destroy Christianity and eradicate “Christian thought” from their society (even if it was these same Christian principles that had once caused Great Britain to rise up to become a great world power in the past).

This Christian farmer couple in Michigan USA were banned (cancelled) from entering the market place because of publicly saying that marriage is between a man and a woman. They were persecuted for their religious beliefs and banned from selling their farm produce in a public market by a liberal-controlled local government in Michigan.

At first homosexuals were given the right to do whatever they want between themselves but they were not content with that. Now the homosexuals want to enforce their LGBT agenda upon the entire society by the force of law. The pathway on which western civilization is now headed indicates that the time has already arrived where pastors are being arrested and Christians are being sued and bankrupted and children are forcibly being indoctrinated in schools by pro-homosexual agenda. This was entirely authorized by the liberal women occupying positions of civil authority who force “equality-for-all” upon the entire society regardless of the detrimental effects of destroying their own western civilization.

Liberal-run schools in California USA are actively working to recruit children into homosexual clubs designed to convert them over into being homosexuals. This type of aggressive LGBT activity is not only restricted to liberal California but also is found in many US public schools wherever liberals hold political power. Not being content with being homosexuals themselves these perverts also want to convert the children of heterosexual parents to join their perverted lifestyle.

Many western schools are introducing curriculum that promotes homosexual agenda to children. But when parents protest they can be placed on a watch-list as “domestic terrorists” just as has happened to parents who protested “Critical Race Theory” at a school board meeting in the USA. See the link “FBI Told to Investigate Parents” for more details.

As homosexual agenda progresses in the western world (promoted by liberal women leaders) there is now a risk that parents can have their children removed from their care (placing the children as wards of the state) if the parents oppose such things as teaching children how to be a tranny.

Now homosexual culture has become so blatant and militant that they even sing songs with lyrics declaring that they are coming for our children. These homosexuals cannot naturally have children of their own so now they want to recruit the children of heterosexual parents into their lifestyle of illicit sex. They brazenly taunt parents about their unfettered homosexual civil power to influence school children with their homosexual agenda. Again, this is promoted by women liberals and beta male politicians who do not consider the long-term effects of the legislation which they pass but only care about catering to the whims of minority groups like homosexuals.

Homosexual agenda is no longer just promoted within western nations only but it is also being pushed through civil action internationally. If any non-western country wants to receive millions in western grants and financial aid then they must also accept LGBT agenda taught in their school systems as well. This homosexual agenda is designed to bring the same curse and destruction upon other countries just as it has already done in the now “fallen” western nations.

Already there are LGBT groups contemplating sending those who resist their homosexual agenda to gulags as a so-called compassionate means of “re-education” for those who resist their anti-biblical worldviews. This just shows where this thing is headed when homosexuals achieve unlimited political power and have laws created in their favor which are enforced by police action.

The Coming Destruction

Image Credit: Pixabay

Above is an image of an “Antifa” type of character wearing black clothing standing where a highway ends into nothing. The image of a junk car surrounded by weeds and parked on “feral-land” represents what is left of a once prosperous society. This image could be used to illustrate what happens when women leadership destroys a civilization. What will these people do when there is no more food and no more civilization left after they destroyed it by following their own liberal insanity?

Road Ending in Destruction

Women leadership and the promotion of homosexual rights is a dead-end road of destruction for any nation that follows this pathway. Just as Sodom and the surrounding cities were destroyed by God’s-judgment, so sodomy brings a curse to any nation that enforces this perversion by civil law.

Again, see the video link “Women Destroy Civilizations” for more details.

Liberal Women Leadership Brings Desolation

In liberal run cities and liberal run States in America they overtax the productive citizens in order to feed the non-productive citizens. Productive people then depart from the liberal controlled regions leaving only the freeloaders behind. Such liberal-run cities and states then go bankrupt and fall into decay when there are no productive citizens left to generate wealth or grow food. But after every state in the USA falls to liberalism and all of Canada and Europe falls to liberalism and (Australia, New Zealand and South Africa all fall to liberalism) then where will people go to escape liberal tyranny? Where can they go to raise their children according to biblical values without having homosexual agenda being forced upon them by liberal legislation and liberal controlled law enforcement?

Where to Escape?

Many do not realize it but the president of Russia is pro-family and protects his people from homosexual agenda being forced upon their children at school. A business owner in Russia is not under threat of lawsuit for not agreeing to service a homosexual wedding and a Christian university or church is not under threat of being closed down for not accepting homosexual students or homosexual clergy. Russian people have a right to raise their children as they see fit without being forced by liberal laws to comply with homosexual agenda and a Christian orphanage is not forced to give orphan children to be adopted by homosexuals.

When the liberal media paints Putin as the “Great Satan” it is because he offers the only resistance to their liberal plan of world dominion and their quest of changing the whole world to comply with their pro-homosexual worldview. Russia already suffered social upheaval in 1917 when the Bolshevik revolution overturned all moral values and destroyed all churches and recreated Russia into a godless state. Now however the Russian people are turning back to God and turning back to a bible-based way of living. They have had enough of godlessness under the former Soviet rule. This is why the Russians are now immune to the godless agenda being promoted by the liberal west. They are not going to cater to homosexuals or force the entire population to comply by “policed” homosexual mandates (as they are doing now in the western nations). Today Russia poses as a place of refuge for those seeking religious liberty to raise their children outside of the corrupting influence of forced liberal homosexual agenda.

The Russian government has recognized the need for conservative bible-based family values and Christian education because it is the Christian families who are the greatest producers and who procreate and cause a nation to increase in prosperity. When married men have a family to feed, then they will engage in “civilization building” and they will start business enterprises and grow crops. These productive married men are laboring for the hope of the betterment of their own children and grandchildren.

See the link “Expansive Energy” for more details.

It is important to have government civil endorsement of pro-Christian values because this will ignite national progress. When the government falls to “liberal-rule” then the exact opposite occurs. This is the reason why the western civilization is now dying at the hands of liberal women leadership and the liberal beta male enablers who pass laws against the family and promote only the rights of homosexuals over the rest of society.

Millions of Russians have swung back fully to God and today biblical living principles are now being practiced again and even taught in schools. Christian homeschooling also flourishes and Russia is fast becoming the sole “Christian Nation” on the earth. This happens at a time when western nations are falling to liberalism and godlessness and are also forcing their failed godless ideology upon other nations. But Russia is immune to such attempts of “liberal indoctrination” because they have already been turned off to “godlessness” after suffering godless rule for about seventy years. Russians know firsthand that such “satanic-ideology” is nothing but a “dead-end” which results in national poverty and misery and oppression and death. While western nations now seem eager to become strongholds of a new godless atheism, Russia now stands in resistance to liberal godlessness and serves as a beacon of light in a dark world.

Putin says that Christianity is the foundation of the Russian State. Without biblical principles to live by then no nation can rise up to greatness. Trying to build a nation without godly principles is like building a tall building on sinking sand. When godless behavior prevails then that corrupt society will eventually collapse under its own weight. Russia was deprived from the things of God for decades by the godless soviets but now they are coming back to God again with renewed Christian fervor and becoming a potential haven for godly people in the western nations who are now seeking to be free from liberal godless oppression.

The communists tried to build a nation without Christian moral foundations but it did not work. This terrible experiment resulted in the death of hundreds of millions of people but it will not be repeated again in Russia. Now Russia is fast becoming the premiere Christian nation by returning to their Christian roots while the west is generally abandoning God in wholesale manner.

“Equality”- Road to Destruction

The fall of the west started with giving equality to women which caused women to take over all forms of civil government. Soon liberal western women and their beta male enablers were legislating “equality” for homosexuals to the extent that non-homosexuals are now feeling the repression. Western people can no longer even quote a bible verse about homosexuality without being arrested and imprisoned for it! But this is not the case in Russia which has taken a firm stand against homosexual agenda in their nation.

Putin declared that changing gender is a “crime against humanity” because people were created by God as male or female and to alter that image is a sin against nature. Russia has outlawed homosexual marriage in July 2020 and this is done with the good foresight that endorsing homosexuality is like feeding a cancer which will later destroy all society. Homosexual rights always start with the request to have the right to engage in homosexual acts between consenting adults. But the problem is that throughout all western civilization the homosexuals are not just content to do what they want personally. They have always pushed to infiltrate the schools and come after our children to pervert them from their natural born gender-status. This has harmful and destructive effects upon society and the death of western civilization is a testimony of what happens when women are given the right to vote and hold public office and then use their civil powers to legalize sodomy and even imprison anyone who says a word against it. Now there is oppression in the west which cannot be ignored and moving to Russia seems like the last bastion of freedom to escape the mandated homosexual oppression created by western liberal women civil leaders and the beta male enablers that serve them.

Under Marxism the state sought to take the children away from parents and raise them according to their godless indoctrination. But Putin declares the Marxists are wrong and God gave the responsibility of raising their own children to the parents (not the State). Children need the love of a mother and father in order to grow up to become well-adjusted and functional human beings. Never should the right of the parents be thwarted by having someone with civil authority take the children by force from the parents to indoctrinate them (in the manner that homosexuals are now seeking to do within western school systems today).

Russian once languished for seven decades under the godless ideology of Marxism. But that time is over and the Russian people are now turning back to God and turning back to the bible with a great passion. They already tasted what it is like to live under a godless society void of religious freedom. The western nations however are fast heading in the same direction of godlessness now (thus leaving Russia as the last remaining beacon of God’s light in a dark world).

Getting out of Dodge speaks about believers having the foresight to see where things are heading in the west. Already people are being persecuted and imprisoned simply for sharing their biblical views in the west. The fact of the matter is that homosexual agenda is not about attaining homosexual marriage (between consenting adults) but rather it is solely focused on the “criminalization” of Christianity. Christians cannot accept homosexual clergy to officiate in their churches nor accept homosexual teachers of their children’s schools. To accept such an abomination is to cancel the power of righteousness that makes a separated Christian life. Sinful humans are called by God to repent and change and be saved from sinful lifestyles and not defend their perversion (even if they have the help of western liberal women politicians and their beta male enablers).

People should always have the freedom to escape any nation that falls under the control of godless civil leaders. It is time for Christians in the west to “get out of Dodge” while the going is still good. There are many people who languish in nations of authoritarian rule and wish to escape but cannot. If western Christians do not leave when they have the chance then it might be too late after they are placed in “re-education camps” to be brainwashed according to homosexual ideology.

Best People Welcome in Russia

Some of the best people in America have been cancelled and fired from their job for failing to comply with liberal mandates to receive an experimental spiked-protein vaccine. Entire hospitals have been closed down due to lack of staff when their best doctors and nurses and other health care workers were fired for non-compliance with liberal mandates. Thousands of police officers and military personnel were also dismissed for not complying with forced liberal vaccine mandates. Even protective service personnel were lost thus disabling “fire-fighting” and “rescue services” when the best people were fired for non-compliance with forced liberal vaccine mandates. The best of all society who were the best trained professionals in America have lost their jobs and professions. These same high-quality and highly educated people however can find a new start in Russia.

Brain Drain to Russia

If all of the now unemployed American professionals (that were fired from their jobs by liberals in America) would move to Russia then they could start a new life for themselves with freedom of religion and freedom from liberal oppression. This would result in a massive “brain-drain” out of America as the best people flee to Russia. This would be a result of these quality professionals being abused and cancelled and fired from their positions by rabid liberals who assumed civil authority over them to mandate their personal lives like a dictator.

Building a New Civilization in Russia

We have plans of building a self-sufficient living system within the remote regions of eastern Russia for the purpose that Christians from any nation can go there and be free from liberal godless oppression so they can raise their families and teach their children as they see fit according to biblical standards. We have setup a webpage for our members concerning our plans for building a self-sufficient refuge system in the remote regions of Siberia. See the link “New Living System in Siberia” for more details.

See also the link “Developing Remote Regions” for more details.

See also the related “Man Topics” below which are related to men assuming their God-given roles as providers, protectors, and leaders of their own family units. It is God’s will that men become leaders again and pioneer new civilizations where the principles of God are honored and where women submit to their own male leadership at home and children submit to their parents as the bible commands.