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Mix Not Laws

The “Mix Not Laws” have a wide application to many topics. A few of the topics related to the “Mix Not Laws” are listed below. They include:

  • Not mixing livestock
  • Not mixing textiles
  • Not mixing plants
  • Not mixing metallurgy
  • Not mixing genders
  • Not mixing species to pull a load

People will have wisdom if they consider the general guiding principle behind all of these topics. To deal wisely in life means that someone can see and discern God’s principles and they know how to apply them to any situation that they might confront. Torah-principles guide people so they will always know what is the right thing to do under every situation and this is what having wisdom is all about.

Mixing Cattle Breeds


Leviticus 19:19 (NASB)

19 ‘You are to keep My statutes. You shall not breed together two kinds of your cattle; you shall not sow your field with two kinds of seed, nor wear a garment upon you of two kinds of material mixed together.

The scripture above says that it is forbidden to breed two kinds of cattle together. This means that God forbids random cross-breeding. God gave mankind dominion over His creation and imparted wisdom about genetics to the first man Adam. Mankind was expected to use their dominion and their God-given wisdom and not passively allow livestock to cross-breed.

It is evident that there were different kinds of cattle because God said that two different kinds of cattle should not be bred together. One example of this is that there are breeds of cattle that were specifically developed to produce milk and other breeds of cattle that were developed to produce meat. These hybrids should not be bred together or else the good attributes of both kinds of cattle breeds will be lost.


US Holstein Dairy Breed

The “Holstein Friesians breed” was first developed in what is now the Netherlands specifically in the two northern provinces of North Holland and Friesland and northern Germany which is now Schleswig-Holstein Germany. These were regional cattle of Frisians and the Saxons. The Dutch breeders oversaw the development of this breed and over the centuries produced the black and white dairy cow that could best utilize the abundant grass in that region.

Later this breed was imported to the United States and further development of this breed as a dairy cow ensued. The US Holstein dairy breed became a very different animal than those originally brought from Europe. In fact, the US-developed Holstein breed was later imported back to Europe again because of its outstanding milk production. This hybrid was developed by selective breeding only those cows with the genetics that produced the greatest amount of milk.

See the link “Holstein Friesian Cattle” for more details.

Before this hybrid specialization took place, milk and beef were produced from dual-purpose animals. But a dual-purpose animal is neither outstanding in milk production nor outstanding in beef production. Dual-purpose animals were mediocre in the production of either product!

An example of the high milk production of a hybrid dairy cow is the fact that top producing Holsteins milked three times a day can produce 72,000 pounds of milk in a 365-day period! At 8.6 lbs. per gallon that equals 8,372 gallons of milk annually or 31,691 liters per cow! These hybrids can produce more milk for the amount of feed they consume than any other dairy breed.

There are 19 million registered hybrid Holsteins in the US with their ancestry originally traced to the Netherlands.

See the link “Holstein Breed History” for more details

Hybrid dairy animals can produce many times more milk (than a dual-purpose cow) for the same amount of feed consumed. It is for this reason that hybrid breeding stock are so valuable.


Hybrid Black Angus Beef Breed

The name Angus came from the name of Angus county in Scotland where the cattle breed was first developed. They have a good feed-to-meat conversion and are known to have few problems calving. These qualities have made the breed popular for commercial beef production where feed-to-gain ratios and easy calving are critical for this breed to become commercially viable. The breed was first imported to the US in 1873 and the good qualities of the breed soon caused many more Angus breeding stock cattle to be imported. With excellent marbling in the meat, the Angus meat is often promoted as being the best beef that money can buy. A number of large US chain store restaurants are now serving exclusively to Angus beef because they discovered that their customers preferred it over beef from any other cattle breeds. Black Angus, is the most prevalent beef-producing breed in the U.S. Out of nearly 90 million cattle in the US it is estimated that as high as 75% of all beef cattle are either pure Angus or have Angus breeding in their genetics. When a breed becomes popular for beef production, there is a good reason for it. The Angus breed is an outstanding producer of the finest quality beef. This breed has its own association created for the development of the Angus hybrid.

Links for more information on the Angus breed:

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Mixed Breed Perversion

If a beef producing breed of cattle like an Angus is bred with a dairy producing breed like a Holstein, the offspring would no longer be a hybrid. The God of Israel forbid the mix-breeding of different kinds of cattle (which have different purposes) because that would render the offspring as a genetic perversion! Such a mixed-breed offspring would not be good for milk production and it also would not be good for meat production. It would produce little milk and little meat for the amount of feed it consumes. Such a mixed-breed animal would be a mongrel of inferior genetics.

Hybrid Offspring

It should be noted that beef cattle breeds can be bred with other beef producing breeds to produce a hybrid offspring. When the combined genetics of two beef producing cattle breeds create a superior offspring then this offspring is called a hybrid. A hybrid is of better quality than either of its two parents. For example, the IX Ranch in Montana has successfully bred Red Angus together with Black Angus and produced a hybrid which thrives in the climate of Montana. The offspring of breeding these two breeds is a hybrid because it has better qualities and increased weight-gain over either of the two parents. In warm climate locations (like Florida) cattle breeders might try a hot-weather breed like a Brahma-breed from India to breed with other beef producing breeds in order to produce offspring that are more tolerant to heat. Sometimes breeding two species of similar purpose (like two beef-producing breeds) can create a hybrid offspring that does well for a specific location and climate.


At one time there existed a special breed of beef cattle in the land of Bashan on the east side of the Jordan River. The Bashan Beef Cow was noted for its large size and the great amount of beef that it could produce. This is another example of a hybrid that existed during the time of Moses and Joshua and it was also mentioned by the prophet Amos as an expression of a creature that was notably big!

Deuteronomy 32:14 (NASB)

14 Curds of cows, and milk of the flock, With fat of lambs, And rams, the breed of Bashan, and goats, With the finest of the wheat— And of the blood of grapes you drank wine.

This scripture above specifically refers to the breed of Bashan that was a beef producing breed of cattle noted for its size and quality of beef. The two and a half tribes of Israel settled in Bashan on the east side of the Jordan and possibly they were the ones who continued developing the breed of Bashan because it was still famous as a notable beef producer in the time of Amos.

Numbers 32:33 (NASB)

33 So Moses gave to them, to the sons of Gad and to the sons of Reuben and to the half-tribe of Joseph’s son Manasseh, the kingdom of Sihon, king of the Amorites and the kingdom of Og, the king of Bashan, the land with its cities with their territories, the cities of the surrounding land.

Kenath was in the land of Bashan that is about 60 miles due east of the Sea of Kinnereth (also called the Sea of Galilee). This is the region that was once famous as a lush pastureland in the time of the Exodus. Og, the giant king is mentioned also in Deuteronomy 3:11 and it was apparently this king that first began developing this breed of cattle that came to be known as the breed of Bashan.

Amos 4:1 (NASB)

1 Hear this word, you cows of Bashan who are on the mountain of Samaria, Who oppress the poor, who crush the needy, Who say to your husbands, “Bring now, that we may drink!”

The prophet Amos even used the cow breed of Bashan as a deriding remark to describe the overfed self-indulgent women in Israel who were living in luxury and having their husbands serve them. Their husbands would go out and seize the only wine that the poor man labored for all year and give it to their obese wives to get drunk off of it! These big fat women were called “cows of Bashan” for this reason because a cow of Bashan was a hybrid meat producer that grew large and sleek on the lush pasture lands east of the Jordan! Evidently it was a beef producer because it was known for its large size! A bigger animal can carry more meat than small one.

Genesis 1:25 (NASB)

25 God made the beasts of the earth after their kind, and the cattle after their kind, and everything that creeps on the ground after its kind; and God saw that it was good.

This scripture states clearly that God made the cattle after their own kind. There is no doubt that God created some cattle as dairy producers and some cattle as meat producers. If the same kind of cattle that produce meat are bred with other meat producing cattle, then their offspring will also be noted meat producers. This refers to a hybrid that was developed by selective breeding to perform a specific purpose like producing good quality beef!

The same is also true for dairy producing cattle because if hybrid dairy cattle are bred together with other cattle of the same kind, then their offspring will also be hybrid dairy producers. God commanded that different kinds of cattle not be mixed together by cross-breeding. Offspring of such a union would be perverse and would not be good at neither milk production nor meat production. Cross-breeding hybrids will pollute the genetics of their offspring and render them generally good for nothing! A dual-purpose cow is not outstanding in milk production and it is also not outstanding in meat production. It will just consume expensive feed and produce reduced amounts of milk and reduced amounts of quality beef.

God made different types of cattle after their own kind for a specific purpose and this purpose should not be mingled together by cross-breeding because cross-breeding will pollute the genetics of hybrids and render them good for nothing. They will not be good at any one purpose if that purpose has been mingled and confused by cross-breeding two different kinds of cattle.


Hybrid Broiler Meat Chicken

These are chickens that are specifically bred as meat producers and will grow to full-market weight in only 45 days. They produce tender and delicious meat and their weight gain is rapid. They have a high “feed-to-meat” gain ratio meaning they can produce more meat for less feed than any other chicken breed.

Leghorn Egg Laying Chicken

The leghorn egg laying chicken is a hybrid specifically adapted for laying eggs. A flock of hybrid layers can produce enormous amounts of large size white eggs every day. The cost of white eggs will generally be cheaper than brown eggs simply because these hybrid chickens can produce more eggs for less feed than the non-hybrid chickens laying brown eggs. The extra feed cost raises the price of eggs of non-hybrid chickens.

But if the egg laying chicken is cross-bred with a meat producing chicken then the offspring would be good for nothing because it would neither be a good egg-layer nor a good meat-producer. God created every type of species for a specific purpose and that purpose should not be muddled up by cross-breeding different kinds of livestock together.


Scrawny Cross-bred Native Bull of Inferior Genetics
Female Water Buffalo Restrained With Ropes for Forced Breeding

There are some people who have no knowledge of the Torah and they ignorantly force cross-breed different species together in direct contrast to what God has said about not mixing different kinds of cattle. The image above shows some people force cross-breeding a female water buffalo together with a male cow. Normally a water buffalo will not breed with a cow but they took a female water buffalo (that was in heat) and restrained it by tying her head between a fence post and a tree trunk and they tied her legs so that she could not move. Then they permitted a male cow (bull) to breed this female water buffalo! This is an example of perverse cross-breeding of two extremely different kinds of animals! The resulting offspring would be totally perverse and good for nothing!

A water buffalo is a beast of burden that is often used for pulling plows in rice paddies in tropical countries. It has a low center of mass and is powerful for pulling heavy loads and is well adapted to water and mud. It requires water and mud to stay cool because it is not heat-tolerant and will not survive in direct sunshine for long unless it has water and mud to cool itself. The buffalo is strong for pulling heavy loads and its muscle fiber is not best suited for eating. It is primarily a beast of burden with meat so tough and stringy it is considered nearly inedible.

A cow is more heat tolerant and does not require mud and water to cool itself and can even stand in direct sunshine without problem. But the cow is typically raised for meat or milk while a buffalo is primarily a beast of burden to pull heavy loads. The purposes of these two animals differ drastically.

The scrawny bull pictured above that these Torah-ignorant people used to breed this female water buffalo is of poor genetics. Such animals produce meat that is so tough and stringy that it is almost inedible! These animals are also poor milk producers and produce little milk for the amount of feed given to them. Breeding such perverse animals together with a water buffalo is not productive at all. The resulting offspring will be half cow and half water buffalo and will have lost any good qualities that may have existed in either species. The mixed-breed offspring will not be strong to pull a plow and it will not be tolerant of mud and water like a buffalo that normally works in rice paddies. The offspring would be poor at meat production and such meat would be similar to trying to eat a car-tire in toughness! Milk production would be pitiful as well and such a beast would be better off being “culled” as a product of a mongrel cow and the union with a water buffalo. The God of Israel forbids the breeding together of two kinds of cattle and this most certainly can be applied to not breeding two species together that are so different as a water buffalo and a cow!


Offspring from Breeding a Male Lion with a Female Tiger

There are also Torah-ignorant zoo keepers who have forced bred a male lion together with a female tiger. The perverse animal pictured above has no genes to limit its growth and is much larger in size than both of its lion and the tiger parents. Normally a lion and a tiger would not breed in the wild but this perversion was a result of people playing with mixing two different species in perverse manner. This again is an ignorant experiment to see what would happen by cross-breeding but this serves no practical purpose other than creating a sideshow or curiosity for people to view. Such perversion is forbidden by the God of Israel who forbids breeding different kinds of animals together just as God also forbids the cross-breeding of different kinds of cattle. Each creature was created for a specific purpose by God and those purposes should not be confused or polluted by cross-breeding animals of different purpose.

Genesis 1:24 (NASB)

24 Then God said, “Let the earth bring forth living creatures after their kind: cattle and creeping things and beasts of the earth after their kind”; and it was so.

God created all of the species of animals and livestock on the earth and caused them to be able to reproduce after their own kind. This means that they pass on genetic information from male to female that will determine the outcome of their offspring. This passing of genetic information can be controlled by mankind by selective breeding. This is what makes the difference between a scrawny cow that produces tough stringy inedible meat and a beef cow breed that produces many times more tender delicious meat for the same amount of feed consumed. Mankind has the ability to determine the outcome produced by selective breeding.

It is a misnomer to call cross-bred animals of perverse genetic makeup as a hybrid. A true hybrid is carefully developed by selective breeding to obtain a desired trait. Randomly cross-breeding different animals to see what might come out of the union is a perverse form of entertainment by curiosity seekers and this activity is forbidden by the God of Israel.

Random breeding of both plants and animals speaks of the passivity of mankind like a lazy guy that just lets whatever happens to breed on the farm just do their own thing. His livestock and plants will all go feral and become worthless because of his laziness and passivity and ignorance. God gave mankind dominion over livestock to determine what sort of animals they want to develop by selective breeding. At no time should humans be passive about allowing animals to randomly breed and produce mongrel offspring that are good for nothing.

Not Mixing Textiles

Deuteronomy 22:11 (NASB)

11 “You shall not wear a material mixed of wool and linen together.

This scripture in the Torah says that God’s people were not to wear clothing woven with two kinds of thread such as wool and linen mixed together. Wool is an animal product and linen is a plant product but mixing the two together can render the good qualities of either product ineffective.


Leviticus 19:19 (CJB)

19 “‘Observe my regulations. “‘Don’t let your livestock mate with those of another kind, don’t sow your field with two different kinds of grain, and don’t wear a garment of cloth made with two different kinds of thread.

This scripture clearly states that a garment should not be made with two kinds of material mixed together. If a plant material is woven together with an animal material into the same textile, then that material would be rendered useless. The good qualities of both materials would be rendered useless if they were mixed together into a single textile. Such a material would be perverse because one textile cancels out the benefit of the other.

There are some US military socks have both wool and cotton present in the same sock but this is not perverse because the two materials are not woven together into one homogeneous textile.

Wool and Cotton Separated

In the image above the sock on the top has been worn for several years and the sock on the bottom is new. The new sock appears to be one homogeneous material of all one color. But after several years of washing, the sock on the top reveals a clear line where the two materials are joined together.

Division of Wool and Cotton

A close-up image of the sock shows a clear dividing line where the wool and cotton join together. The sock contains 50% wool and 30% cotton but in fact the lower portion of the sock is pure wool and the upper part is made of pure cotton. The dark material on the left side of the image is wool and the light color material on the right is the cotton. Cotton fades with washing but wool never changes color and wool wears like iron! I have never seen the wool portion of these socks wear out but the cotton shows noticeable signs of wear after several years of use.

The wool is an animal fiber that comes from sheep and the cotton is a plant fiber. These two fibers have much different attributes. The wool is long wearing and it can also keep the foot warm even if wet. But wool is also desirable for use in socks worn in a desert because of its excellent moisture wicking properties. I have used these military socks under extremely hot conditions carrying a heavy backpack and gear while climbing steep mountains. My foot perspiration under these conditions was enormous! During these times of heavy perspiration, I discovered the value of each different type of material serving their own intended purpose!

During this great physical exertion under hot conditions, the wool portion of my sock was wicking the moisture away from my foot. The cotton portion of my sock was soaking up that moisture and drawing it out of my military boots and allowing it to dry on my calf. I noticed the upper portion of my sock (that is made of cotton) was wet but it was quickly evaporating and as it dried out and it felt cool on the calf of my leg. The two different materials were working together in amazing manner to keep my feet dry under hot conditions with heavy perspiration!

Cotton has the property of absorbing water like a sponge therefore it is not a good material to use directly on the foot because it will absorb the moisture and retain it and keep the foot wet. If soldiers used cotton socks, then their feet would quickly become water logged and develop blisters and even foot rot and fungus could form if they did not remove the cotton from their feet. So, these military socks were designed with wool to cover the portion of the foot from the ankle and below and cotton to cover from above the ankle up to the calf. The cotton retains moisture which can be harmlessly evaporated outside of the boot on the calf while the foot is kept dry by the wicking-action of the wool. The wool was pulling the moisture out of the boot and the cotton absorbed that moisture and held it outside of the boot where it quickly evaporated. The wicking-action of these two materials working together was like a suction pump pulling water out of a well. The two different qualities of wool and cotton were working together to pull moisture out of my boots and to keep my feet dry under hot conditions!

But in fact even though there is both wool and cotton in the same sock, these fibers are not blended together into one textile. If wool and cotton were blended together into one textile, then that would be perverse and the good attributes of both materials would be canceled out! The wool would be trying to wick the moisture away but the cotton would be absorbing and retaining that moisture! If blended together these materials would be rendered totally useless! This is the exact same principle that can be seen in God’s command not to mix plant genetics and not to mix animal genetics. Hybrid plants and animals that are mixed together by cross-pollination or cross-breeding will be rendered useless because they will lose the good qualities of their intended purpose. The same this is also true of these materials that have very different purposes. If the materials are blended together into one textile, then their individual purpose will be rendered useless.

Leviticus 19:19 (NASB)

19 ‘You are to keep My statutes. You shall not breed together two kinds of your cattle; you shall not sow your field with two kinds of seed, nor wear a garment upon you of two kinds of material mixed together.

Again, we see that God forbids that a garment be woven of two different kinds of material mixed together. Such a textile would be perverse in nature and lose any benefit that might have been realized from the two individual material types. Each type of material is to be used for a specific purpose and those purposes should not be muddled together by perverse blending into one woven textile.

100% Rip-Stop Cotton Canvas

The image above shows a 100% cotton rip-stop canvas that was made into a hot-weather BDU military field jacket. The jacket on the left has been worn over two years and the jacket on the right is new. This again illustrates the good properties of cotton because cotton is resistant to UV sunlight and is not destroyed as quickly as synthetics, making it durable in the heat of the sun. I have worn this jacket year-round and it works well in hot weather as well as cold when I use layering under it. This cotton rip-stop canvas makes a rugged outer shell of protection in the woods and is resistant to snagging in thorns and brush and weed seeds do not easily stick to it. During hot season it also stops insects like mosquitoes that cannot penetrate this material as they do with thin synthetics.

Synthetic Material in Flash Fire

Another advantage of cotton material is that it is resistant to flash fires! The image above is from the crash of two jumbo jets in the fog in the Canary Islands in March 1977.

The man standing in the right side of this image was wearing clothing made of synthetic material when the jet fuel exploded into the cabin of the plane. His synthetic clothing was instantly melted off his body! The only garment material remaining on his body was that of his cotton undershirt and the cotton pockets of his pants and his leather belt!

When I worked in the oil field, we were required to wear an outer layer of flame-resistant cotton canvas called FRC or Flame-Resistant Clothing. I know of a guy in the oil field who stuck up a welding ark which triggered a natural gas explosion. He was wearing FRC clothing and only his face and hands and a V-shape area of skin exposure under his chin were exposed to this flash fire which turned his exposed skin red like sunburn. It also burned off his eyebrows and any exposed hair under his hard hat. Another guy was standing behind him when the explosion occurred. He was wearing a nylon winter coat filled with feathers. This nylon melted instantly on contact with the flash fire explosion and the charred feathers fell to the ground leaving the nylon melted into this skin! They took this man to the hospital emergency room where they had to scrub the melted nylon out of his flesh! It was a painful experience but it illustrates the different attributes of these materials! Cotton burns slowly and is resistant to flash fires but synthetics like nylon can melt instantly and burn like kerosene if touched by flame.

Double-Knapp Gen III Cold Weather Fleece

This is another product used by the US military and this is made of a synthetic material but it has fibers called knapp that retain body heat extremely well. Knapp is similar to the feather-down of a hen which can retain heat and keep eggs warm for incubation. This knapp is present both inside and out providing a double-insulating material that captures and retains body warmth in cold weather.

Close-up View of Heat Retaining Knapp

This material is soft and comfortable next to the skin and makes an outstanding inner layer for warmth for this reason. This material however is not good in direct exposure to cold wind because the open weave of this garment can allow wind to pass through it. It is also not good to wear directly in the bush because the soft knapp is a magnet for weed seeds or burs that adhere to this knapp. It is also not flame retardant and will not withstand flash fires. This garment is best used for its intended purpose as an inner layer for warmth.

Nylon Windbreaker

The negative properties of nylon include that it snags easily and it melts if touched by flame, and does not hold up well to UV sunlight. But it does have some advantages because it is tightly woven and stops wind. Nylon jackets are often referred to as windbreakers for this reason. This closed-weave textile can be easily compacted for saving space when traveling. If someone has a leather jacket on board a bus or aircraft, it will take up a lot of carry space because it is so bulky. A nylon jacket however can be compressed to fit into the palm of one hand but can still provide wind resistance and some warmth. Again, this illustrates that there are properties of textiles that are beneficial even if there may be a number of disadvantages. There is a God-given purpose for everything and when things are used for their assigned purpose, they can be a blessing.

Layering of Three Materials

Above is an example of a triple-layer garment system that utilizes the positive qualities of three different materials. The double-knapp fleece retains body heat and is soft next to the skin. The nylon jacket stops cold wind and retains the heat of the fleece under it and the rugged outer shell of the cotton rip-stop canvas resists thorns and brush and UV light and flash fires and protects the delicate materials underneath. Together these garments can be worn all year round by layering in cold weather and using only the cotton canvas in the hot weather. Each material type has its own good qualities and when used in the proper manner these qualities prove valuable for their intended purpose.

Leviticus 19:19 (NASB)

19 ‘You are to keep My statutes. You shall not breed together two kinds of your cattle; you shall not sow your field with two kinds of seed, nor wear a garment upon you of two kinds of material mixed together.

This scripture says that a garment should not have two kinds of materials mixed together. If cotton is blended together with wool that would be perversion because cotton absorbs and holds moisture and wool wicks moisture away. The different qualities of cotton and wool would cause them to be “fighting” against each other if they were blended into the same homogeneous textile. God makes it clear that everything has an intended purpose and these individual purposes should not be muddled together by cross-pollination, cross-breeding, or blending two different types of materials into the same textile. God’s principles have a wide application to many things and this principle of not mixing things together can also be seen with mixing plants, animals, textiles and even using two different types of animals together for pulling a load.

Hybrid Textile

But sometimes two types of material blended together can create a hybrid. For example of a textile is about 80% cotton and 20% polyester then the textile becomes a hybrid. Having 80% cotton keeps the material from burning quickly in a flash fire but having 20% polyester added to it also gives increased strength to the cotton. Cotton tends to wear out quickly and becomes saggy or will develop loose button holes after is it stretched out and it also wrinkles easily. But adding a small percentage of polyester can greatly strengthen cotton like a permanent press shirt which resists wrinkles or a jacket with 20% polyester added to the cotton blend to make it much more durable and resistant to becoming saggy or wrinkly.

Not Mixing Plants


Deuteronomy 22:9 (NASB)

9 “You shall not sow your vineyard with two kinds of seed, or all the produce of the seed which you have sown and the increase of the vineyard will become defiled.

This scripture above speaks of not cross-pollinating different kinds of plants together because plant hybrids can be polluted by random cross-pollination.

Genesis 1:11 (NASB)

11 Then God said, “Let the earth sprout vegetation, plants yielding seed, and fruit trees on the earth bearing fruit after their kind with seed in them”; and it was so.

In the beginning God created the earth to sprout vegetation and plants yielding seed and fruit trees bearing fruit after their kind with the seed that is in them. Plant genetics are passed on through the seed and plants have both male and female parts. Pollen is produced by the male part of the plant and this passes on genetic information when it fertilizes the female part of the plants. Pollen is carried by various means (such as by wind and by insects) to the female part of the flowering plants and this causes fertilization.

See the link “Pollination” for more details.

Deuteronomy 22:9 (NASB)

9 “You shall not sow your vineyard with two kinds of seed, or all the produce of the seed which you have sown and the increase of the vineyard will become defiled.

This scripture speaks of not mixing two kinds of seed and this refers to not permitting cross-pollination. Cross-pollination can be stopped by physical barriers, keeping plants separated with enough distance to prevent cross-pollination, and removing unwanted sources of pollen in the area (such as wild species of perverse genetic makeup) in order to stop unwanted pollination. Some plant breeders will even apply the selected pollen directly to the female part of the plant and then seal it off with a paper bag or plastic barrier to keep out insects and airborne pollen from unwanted sources. Hybrid corn is developed by using de-tasseling which removes the male part of the corn plant that produces the pollen so the hybrid developed will not be pollinated by unwanted sources of pollen. All of this activity of stopping cross-pollination are acts of mankind taking dominion over God’s creation rather than just allowing plants to cross-pollinate in random manner.

Genesis 1:27-30 (NASB)

27 God created man in His own image, in the image of God He created him; male and female He created them.

28 God blessed them; and God said to them, “Be fruitful and multiply, and fill the earth, and subdue it; and rule over the fish of the sea and over the birds of the sky and over every living thing that moves on the earth.”

29 Then God said, “Behold, I have given you every plant yielding seed that is on the surface of all the earth, and every tree which has fruit yielding seed; it shall be food for you;

30 and to every beast of the earth and to every bird of the sky and to every thing that moves on the earth which has life, I have given every green plant for food”; and it was so.

God gave mankind dominion over all of His creation and they were to subdue it and overcome and put things in order. Man was given authority over all of the animals and livestock and every living creature and this dominion also included all plant life that yields seed after its own kind on the earth. Mankind learned about God’s natural order of creation and learned about how everything reproduces from seed including both animal life and also plant life. Both animals and plants pass on genetic information through breeding and passing on their genetics. Genetics is what determines characteristics and attributes of the offspring of both plants and animals.

Hybrid plants are developed by selective breeding by mankind who select the plant qualities that are desirable. Plants having desirable qualities are then bred together. There are corn hybrids that are drought and disease resistant. There are hybrid fruit plants that produce fruit that are larger in size and sweeter and of better quality because of selective breeding and the development of hybrids. The development of hybrids is the activity of mankind taking dominion over God’s creation by using the intelligence God has given to them. God gave mankind wisdom to understand how His creation works. This enables man to practice selective breeding of both plants and animals and this is foundational to the development of hybrids.

There is biblical evidence of the development of hybrids in the time of Joshua during his conquest of the Promised Land. The biblical record indicates super-hybrids being found that were of enormous size. But this advancement does not necessarily mean no hybrids were created before that time. Adam was created in the image of God and had outstanding intelligence to be able to name all species of creatures that God had made. There is no doubt that Adam received revelation from God about the natural processes of plant and animal breeding and the development of hybrids because God had given Adam dominion over the earth and dominion over all of God’s creation. Having dominion means that mankind can determine what genetic outcome would be produced rather than passively permitting random cross-breeding of plants and livestock.


Numbers 13:23-24 (CJB)

23 They came to the Eshkol Valley; and there they cut off a branch bearing one cluster of grapes, which they carried on a pole between two of them; they also took pomegranates and figs.

24 That place was called the Valley of Eshkol [cluster], because of the cluster which the people of Isra’el cut down there.

The word Eschol means cluster and the place was given this name as a memorial because of the outstanding size of the cluster of grapes found there! This huge cluster of grapes grew on a single branch and required two men to carry it! If this cluster was the size that is commonly found in present day grocery stores, they most certainly would not have needed two men to carry it between them suspended on a pole (like two men carrying the carcass of a dead deer). Possibly the single cluster could have weighed over a hundred kilos making it too heavy for one man to carry himself! Maybe the grapes themselves were of enormous size like the size of present day grape-fruits! The biblical account does not provide all of those details but the size and weight of the cluster was so huge that it gave warrant to assign a place-name as the place called the cluster! It would be as if a city was named super-cluster because a cluster of grapes was discovered there that was never before seen in such size and quality and weight as this one! It had to be outstanding in every respect to have been talked about in the following generations until today!

This gives evidence that selective plant breeding and the development of hybrids was in practice in Palestine before Joshua entered. In fact, it is likely that hybrids were developed since the time of Adam who was the first man possessing super-intelligence and the understanding of genetics imparted to him by God. This knowledge was likely passed down to the time when this super-hybrid grape vine was discovered by the twelve spies sent out by Moses into the Promised Land.

This outstanding cluster was no doubt a hybrid because such things do not naturally occur in the wild as a product of random breeding or random plant pollination.

Isaiah 5:2 (NKJV)

2 He dug it up and cleared out its stones, And planted it with the choicest vine. He built a tower in its midst, And also made a winepress in it; So He expected it to bring forth good grapes, But it brought forth wild grapes.

This scripture speaks of the “choicest of vine” and that means a vine was chosen because it was producing the best quality fruit, the sweetest and largest sized grapes and the greatest abundance of those grapes on every vine. That is the definition of a hybrid that was developed by selectively breeding (or choosing) the best plants to pollinate together to produce the best qualities.

Even today large commercial producers have developed every kind of hybrid plant to produce the best possible fruit and vegetables and grains. Hybrid bananas are one example that were selectively bred to produce outstanding size and quality and flavor. The same is also done with viniculture and the development of hybrid grape vines even before the time Joshua found the super-hybrid in the place, they named Eschol.

Isaiah 5:2 (NKJV)

2 He dug it up and cleared out its stones, And planted it with the choicest vine. He built a tower in its midst, And also made a winepress in it; So He expected it to bring forth good grapes, But it brought forth wild grapes.

The Jewish people in Israel (during the time of Isaiah) also understood viniculture and the importance of hybrid grape vines. Isaiah made this analogy of Israel being like a vineyard that was planted with choice hybrid vines with the potential to produce outstanding quantities and quality of grapes. But instead the vineyard only produced nothing but worthless (sour) wild grapes that could not be eaten or used for anything.

What is a wild grape? A wild grape is a grape that has been randomly cross pollinated with any type of wild grape pollen and the result is the production of feral grapes! Grapes gone wild are those that are sour and worthless and cannot be eaten and are good for nothing. This is similar to dogs running wild in the streets that practice random breeding in the alleys with any dog that they happen to meet and thus their mixed-breed offspring are mongrels! Mongrels are good for nothing and have lost any good attributes that can be cultivated in hybrid breed.

The same is true with plants because plants contain male and female parts and pollination is the means by which plant genetics are passed on. The “separation of seed” speaks of keeping plants from having cross-pollination or random breeding. This means that plant hybrids should be separated by barriers to keep out all unwanted sources of pollen. Means must be taken to prevent the cross-pollination of hybrid seed so that seed will not be contaminated by inferior genetics or the offspring (the fruit) will be rendered useless!

Isaiah 7:23 (NIV)

23 In that day, in every place where there were a thousand vines worth a thousand silver shekels, there will be only briers and thorns.

This scripture refers to a time when the once prosperous and fertile nation of Israel was completely destroyed and made desolate. Before the judgment of God’s wrath fell, the prosperity was just amazing! They had places in Israel (before the desolation) that produced vines that were worth a thousand shekels of silver apiece! After the desolation there was nothing but briers and thorns growing in those same places! But at one time this was a place of hybrid grape vines that were carefully developed by selective breeding and plant genetics. The image of having a thousand vines with each valued at a thousand shekels of silver is an image of great prosperity and abundance!

A thousand shekels of silver is about 25 pounds or 11.5 kilos of silver. In today’s prices that would be over $5,797.00 for a single grape vine! So, a vineyard holding a thousand vines would be worth 5,797,000.00 US dollars or nearly six million at present silver prices!

In order for a vineyard to be worth so much money that vineyard would have to be capable of producing more than its own value in grapes. So, this gives some indication of the great production these hybrid vineyards were capable of! Possibly these vines were of the same hybrid stock that was first discovered by the twelve spies at Eschol. A thousand vines producing huge clusters would indeed be worth a huge amount of money because the owners would be made wealthy with the abundance of grapes produced.

The great value of the vines suggests the high production that they were capable of and this points to the fact that these most certainly were hybrid grape vines. It is not inconceivable that they were practicing selective breeding and developing hybrids among the Jews in Israel (during the time of Isaiah). The Jewish people received the law of God from Moses and were instructed not to randomly mix the seed. The Jews would therefore be practicing selective breeding. The selective breeding is the natural progression of Jewish people toward developing hybrids because they followed the Law of Moses which indicates that seed was not to be mixed (speaking of cross-pollination). Obviously, they had developed hybrids in the time of Isaiah if one vine was valued at 11.5 kilograms of silver! That would mean it was super-productive and could produce much more in the value of grapes than what it cost to purchase that hybrid vine!

My father was a farmer and when he was young, he said that the best yield of corn that they were able to obtain was about 75 bushels per acre on their farm in Nebraska USA. But after the development of hybrid seed corn, my father was later able to obtain 200 bushel per acre on the same soil. This huge increase comes from using hybrid seed which was developed by selective breeding to be drought and disease resistant and to have long ears of corn with large kernels and more ears per plant. As tremendous as 200 bushel per acre corn seems now, there have already been farmers in the US breaking new records with over 400 bushel per acre corn. Francis Childs (an Iowa farmer) first broke the 400 bushel per acre yield in 2001 when he produced 405 bushels per acre. He then produced 442 bushel per acre in 2002. But that was not the end of record-breaking yields.

See the link “Record Breaking Yields” for more details.

A man in Charles City Virginia USA obtained 454 bushels per acre in 2013.

See the link “454 Bushels Per Acre” for more details.

Randy Dowdy of Valdosta, Georgia USA produced a new world record corn yield of 503 bushels per acres in 2014.

See the link “503 Bushels Per Acre” for more details.
Excess Corn Piled Outside

Above is an image of a massive pile of grain heaped on the ground because they had no storage space for it all. So much grain is produced in the US by hybrids that during harvest time it is often piled like mountains outside on the ground until transportation can be arranged to move it all! Hybrid corn yields have gone from 75 bushels per acre to over 500 bushels per acre in just one generation. Great abundance of food can be produced because of hybrids created by selective breeding.

The ear of corn in this image above is a foot long and has 54 kernels of corn per row. It was developed by a plant breeder experimenting with how long he can get an ear of corn to grow through selective breeding. A link referring to this hybrid is at:

See the link “Super Long Ears” for more details.

The pitiful looking ear of corn pictured above is typical of something that might be produced by volunteer corn plants or something that grows wild of its own accord. If the bad genetics of corn like this were to cross pollinate with hybrid corn, then it would render the hybrid useless just as this miserable looking ear of corn appears in this image. I have seen corn like this grown by people under primitive conditions who have no knowledge of hybrid plants. This is feral corn and is an example of what develops when plants are allowed to randomly cross-pollinate in the wild without human supervision or intervention.

See the link “Random Pollination” for more details.

Plant genetics and hybrids are the key factors in setting new records in crop production. It is possible that with the advancements in plant genetics and the development of hybrid plants mankind might again attain to the level of increase that was once seen in the time of Joshua when super-hybrids were found!

Another development that revolutionized farming in America was the development of Round-up Ready crops. When I was young, we had to walk soybeans and manually chop out all of the weeds and volunteer corn that had sprouted in the fields. The rows of soybeans were nearly a mile long (one way) and we would have to chop our way down and then chop our way back again. This type of manual labor greatly increases the cost of food production. But after hybrid soybeans were developed with a gene that was resistant to Roundup herbicide then we could apply Roundup to the field one time and it would remove every plant that was not a soybean! It would eliminate both grassy and broad-leaf type of weeds as well as volunteer corn that resulted from the previous year’s crop rotation. This was like a miracle because it left nothing but clean soybeans in the field! One man could produce thousands of bushels of beans every year without any additional hired labor and the production costs were slashed drastically because of it!

Other countries can now import US soybeans for a much lower price than what they can produce their own beans for themselves. The cost of manually produced beans is hugely more expensive in every nation compared to the beans produced by using these hybrids. The flavor and protein content of the US hybrid beans are also greatly improved over local varieties grown abroad and there are no ill-effects for human consumption (as ignorant liberal hippie protesters often imagine). Instead this hybrid technology could feed the world and lower the cost of food drastically! At the same time the amount of chemicals used on the fields is greatly reduced (being a tiny fraction of what was previously used before the days of Round-Up ready crops).

There have been many other crop hybrids that have been developed that are also Round-up Ready. Food production and quality have increased greatly with many varieties of crops and the production costs have been reduced substantially.

The cost of irrigated farmland in America has skyrocketed greatly because farming has now become profitable with reduced costs and higher yields. This is the same scenario found in Israel during the time of Isaiah when he described a vineyard with a thousand hybrid vines with each vine being worth 25 pounds of silver (11.5 kilos of silver) each! The more a hybrid produces the more valuable it is! US farmers can produce many times more food per acre on irrigated farmland than what was produced just fifty years ago. This is why irrigated farmland is now selling for a premium in America. The high value of irrigated farmland is related to the high production of food on this land. This production is directly related to the use of advanced hybrid seed! This is an example of mankind using their God-given dominion to produce hybrids by selective breeding and plant genetic engineering!

Not Mix Metallurgy

Dual-Steel Japanese Samurai Sword

The Japanese sword pictured above (without a handle installed) is worth several hundred thousand US dollars and is considered a work of art and fine collector’s item. The Japanese Samurai sword is known for its amazing ability to hold a razor edge while at the same time it is also unbreakable. These two amazing qualities come from the fusion of two very different types of metal into one sword.

Low and high carbon steel

The two pieces of metal pictured above have entirely different characteristics. The one on the left side of the image does not break but instead stretches or bends similar to soft taffy candy when it is torn or ripped apart. The metal on the right breaks clean like a piece of glass would snap with a clean-edged break. The difference in the properties of these two metals is a result of their carbon content. Steel with more carbon becomes hard and brittle while steel with less carbon content becomes soft and bendable. The two qualities of two these very different types of steel are used together to make the amazing properties found in a dual-material Japanese Samurai sword.

A billet of Japanese Steel

Over a thousand years ago the Japanese discovered a way of smelting steel that produced tremendous results. But back in those days they did not yet have electron microscopes that could analyze the atomic structure of metal. They also did not know of the existence of carbon and its effect on steel. The pine forests of Japan provided them with a source of fuel for their forges. The pine charcoal used in their forges contains carbon which is the key element which determines the characteristics of different types of steel.

They would simply place iron ore sands dug from stream beds into a furnace of burning pine charcoal. The heated iron ore would then melt and filter through the charcoal and pickup carbon from the pine charcoal during the smelting process. At the bottom of the forge, a slab or billet of steel would form. This billet was full of slag and impurities but the Japanese developed a system to heat and pound the billet of metal repeatedly until it lost the slag and other impurities during this forging process. With a great deal of labor and repeated forging and pounding they were able to create purified steel. Even under today’s electron microscopes this ancient Japanese metal proves to be pure with nothing present except iron and carbon.

During the hammering and forging process, the Japanese discovered that some metal was brittle while other metal was bendable. They sorted the brittle metal from the softer metal and gave these different names and used them for different purposes. The brittle metal was called Kawagane and the soft metal was called Shingane. Thus, they identified and separated the high-carbon steel from the low-carbon steel by the traditions they developed.

Many of the rituals that they followed in Japanese sword making were spiritualized because they did not fully understand what was making this process work. To describe unknown processes, the Japanese sword makers used spiritual terms (like referring to the soul or spirit of the sword). Trying to describe changes that were taking place at the atomic level in metallurgy (in that time) is indeed like trying to describe voodoo! It is no wonder that they spiritualized this process that today we are now able to describe in scientific manner.

But the Japanese were wise enough to follow the exact same procedure in great detail every time so that they were able to reproduce the same results every time. They passed on these traditions by apprenticeship and mentoring so that the following generations could also produce the same results.

What we have learned today however is that the traditions and rituals of the Japanese were used to sort out high-carbon steel from low-carbon steel and they used each type of steel for a specific purpose.

High-carbon steel flattened and shaped

After the high-carbon steel is separated from the low-carbon steel then it was heated and beaten flat like a pancake and then rolled over into the shape of a taco shell. This shell-shaped high-carbon steel provides an envelope by which they can insert the low-carbon steel inside.

Low-Carbon Steel Above and High-Carbon Steel Below
Low-Carbon Steel Inserted into High-Carbon Steel
Heated Low-Carbon Steel Fused Together With High-Carbon Steel
Hot metals hammered together into one piece
Dual-steel bar is lengthened by hammering

After the dual-steel bar is combined together as one piece then it is heated and hammered and lengthened into the shape of a sword. After this process is completed it will retain the two distinct properties of the low-carbon steel within and the high-carbon steel on the outside.

Cross section of sword

The image above illustrates what a cross section of a samurai sword would look like with a softer inner core of low-carbon steel and a harder outer shell of high-carbon steel on the outside.

Hard outer layer

The image above illustrates the hard-outer layer of high-carbon steel in red color. This is the steel that is famous for retaining a razor-sharp edge.

Soft inner core

The image above represents the soft inner core of the low-carbon steel represented by the blue color. This low-carbon steel is what keeps the samurai sword from breaking even if it is impacted against other hard objects in battle. It was the combination of two types of steel that causes the samurai sword to be both flexible and razor sharp. The softer low-carbon steel provides the inner flexibility while the outer high-carbon steel provides a lasting razor edge.

Mixture of clay and charcoal applied to a shaped blade

The Japanese also learned about heat treatment and made an art form out of applying a clay/charcoal mixture to the rib of the blade before heat treating it.

Heat treatment at 1500 degrees

When the blade is heat-treated, the clay on the rib of the blade causes the metal to heat up slowly while the bare mental heated up quickly. The sword-smith watches the color of the sword to tell how hot it was before he pulls it out for quenching.

Glowing hot sword being quenched

When the sword is quenched suddenly in cool water or oil then the cutting edge would be hardened but the rib at the back of the sword would remain a bit softer. The rib was kept at a lower temperature by the clay-mixture applied to it during the heat treatment process.

Heat treatment marks visible on the rib of finished blade

The differences of the two types of metal are visible in this image. The darker metal on the rib of the blade is atomically different because it was heat-treated at lower temperatures than the cutting edge of the blade. The cutting edge is lighter in color because it is much harder and is best suited for a cutting edge that holds a razor sharpness and will not dull easily.

It is the combination of two types of metal and the combination of two types of heat-treatment on the same blade that gives the outstanding dual characteristics of this samurai sword!

The samurai sword holds a razor edge but at the same time it also will not break even when it impacts a hard object. The two qualities are obtained by having two types of metal and two types of heat-treatments in the same blade. This is another illustration of the Jewish Torah principle of not mixing different things.

The God of Israel said that two types of plants should not be mixed or the good qualities of both will be lost. The God of Israel said that two types of livestock should not be mixed or the good qualities of each will be lost. The God of Israel said that two types of textiles should not be woven together or the good qualities of each material would be lost.

The same principle also applies to steel because if high-carbon steel was melted together with low-carbon steel and they become entirely melted into one homogeneous material then the good qualities of both steels would be lost.

Instead, the Japanese combined the good qualities of high-carbon steel together with the good qualities of low-carbon steel. But at the same time these two steels were used separately within the same sword. The low-carbon steel was used for the core of the blade and the high-carbon steel was used for the outer shell of the blade. Each different type of steel has its own positive quality and these two outstanding qualities were combined together to make the most revolutionary sword ever developed! It was the only sword of its kind that was both sharp and unbreakable at the same time. This was done over a 1,000 years ago before the Japanese had any understanding of metallurgy as we know it today!

The principle of not mixing things together was given by God to Moses on Mount Sinai and this principle has many applications. God created all things for a specific purpose and the specific purpose of each thing should not be lost by blending them together with other similar things.

But different things can be combined however in the same item just like two different types of steel can be used in the same sword without blending them together so that the good qualities of each type of steel are not lost.

Deuteronomy 8:9 (CJB)

9 a land where you will eat food in abundance and lack nothing in it; a land where the stones contain iron and the hills can be mined for copper.

The Lord spoke to Moses and told him specifically that the land of Israel contained both iron ore and copper. It is not known if the Israelite’s discovered the use of carbon needed to develop different kinds of steels during the time of Joshua. But if the Jews studied the scriptures referring to not mixing different kinds of things (like seed and animals and textiles) so they might have also discovered that there can be two different kinds of steel depending on carbon content.

It is evident that the laws God gave to Moses on Mount Sinai are still pertinent today because if we use different things for a specific purpose then these things will be a great benefit. But if the specific purpose of things is lost by blending them together then no benefit will be had from the good qualities of each thing. This is a biblical principle found in the Torah that still has wide application to present times and knowing these principles are foundational to creating new inventions that are as revolutionary as the Japanese Samurai sword which was first invented over a 1,000 years ago!

Not Mixing Genders

God has a special purpose for creating each gender and the genders should not be mixed together with forced equality for this reason. Men should fulfill their roles to be leaders and providers and protectors of the family and women should fulfill their supportive role to their husbands and children. The women’s role is the most important role of the family and is the foundation of all society. Without the women’s role being fulfilled humans would have no identity or sense of belonging within a family unit.

Genesis 2:18 (NASB)

18 Then the LORD God said, “It is not good for the man to be alone; I will make him a helper suitable for him.”

God said clearly that it was not good for a man to be alone and that He would make a helper for the man that was suitable for him. This verse of scripture reveals the purpose for which God created the woman, which is to be a helpmeet to man.

Genesis 2:20 (NASB)

20 The man gave names to all the cattle, and to the birds of the sky, and to every beast of the field, but for Adam there was not found a helper suitable for him.

God created all of the different creatures and brought them to Adam to have him assign names to them. But out of all of the species of animals there was none that was found to be a suitable helper for Adam. The naming of the animals no doubt drove home the point to Adam that none of these creatures were of the same type of species as Adam and therefore could not fulfill his needs for human companionship.

Genesis 2:21-22 (NASB)

21 So the LORD God caused a deep sleep to fall upon the man, and he slept; then He took one of his ribs and closed up the flesh at that place.

22 The LORD God fashioned into a woman the rib which He had taken from the man, and brought her to the man.

The way in which God created the woman is significant because God did not create Eve out of the dust of the earth in the same way that God created Adam. If both genders were created out of the dust of the earth, then they would have been two separate individuals. Instead God took one of the ribs of Adam and formed the woman out of the body parts of Adam. This signifies that everything which was feminine within Adam was removed and placed into his wife Eve. Even today men have nipples which signifies that at one time there was something feminine that resided within men. But these feminine parts were removed and placed within the woman Eve.

This was done in the wisdom of God because when Eve was brought to the man then everything that was missing in Adam was again restored by his marriage to Eve. All future men ever born after Adam are incomplete and they will find their missing parts only by marriage to a woman (who is a creature which possesses all of their missing parts). The woman is also incomplete without a husband because the man also has all of her missing parts. When a man and a woman come together in marriage then both people are complete and there is nothing missing in either of them any longer.

Genesis 2:23-24 (NASB)

23 The man said, “This is now bone of my bones, And flesh of my flesh; She shall be called Woman, Because she was taken out of Man.”

24 For this reason a man shall leave his father and his mother, and be joined to his wife; and they shall become one flesh.

When a man is joined in marriage to a woman then he becomes one-complete person or one-flesh together with his wife. It is for this reason that whenever God refers to a married couple He does not see them as two individuals but rather God views them as one-complete person together.

Exodus 12:37 (NIV)

37 The Israelites journeyed from Rameses to Succoth. There were about six hundred thousand men on foot, besides women and children.

The reason that God typically does not count women and children is not because they are not worthy of mention. It is because when God sees a married man, He sees that man as one-complete person together with his wife and their offspring are under his authority. So when God counts 600,000 men that automatically includes the wives who are one-flesh or one-complete person together with their husbands. Unmarried children are also included under the authority of the head of the home. So the scripture above could be translated that there was about 600,000 male Jewish heads of households meaning the congregation of people following Moses out of Egypt consisted of about 600,000 Jewish families.

It is evident that God does not ascribe to feminine equality because God does not believe in equality at all. Instead God believes in “oneness” and this means that God sees a married man and a woman as one-complete person together as a married couple.

Genesis 2:25 (NIV)

25 The man and his wife were both naked, and they felt no shame.

It is interesting that the scriptures mention that the man and the woman were naked but not ashamed. It would seem odd if someone saw themselves naked in a bathroom mirror and felt ashamed or embarrassed if they were alone in the privacy of their own bathroom. A person does not feel embarrassed about their own nakedness in private but they may feel great embarrassment if they are seen by others naked in public! The reason that Adam and Eve felt no shame when naked together was that they were one-flesh or one-person together and no one should feel ashamed of seeing themselves naked. This is one more point illustrating the fact that God created a man and woman to be one-flesh or one-person together in marriage.

If a man is joined to a man in a same-sex marriage, they would not supply what is missing in the other because they both have all of the same parts. If a woman is joined to another woman in a same-sex marriage, they would both be incomplete because they do not supply what the other is missing. God created the woman to fulfill the man and the two genders will not find fulfillment outside of the purpose for which they are created.

Male and female parts

In the image above, the parts on the left are called male parts and the parts on the right are called female parts. While this may be infuriating to liberal feminists (who label such things as sexist) this is in fact standard trade terminology used to describe compatible parts in electrical wiring, computer hardware, plumbing and many other industrial applications. Although these male and female parts are entirely different, they are at the same time made for each other.

The same principle is also true of human anatomy because while the male and female parts are entirely different, they are at the same time made for each other. Two men are made with the same parts and therefore not compatible because they possess nothing that is missing in the other. Two women are also created with the same parts and are not compatible for that reason because they do not possess anything that is missing in the other. Same-sex marriages are unnatural because they do not have the natural ability to procreate. Only the opposite sexes joined together can create new life in the form of children.

God created men and women entirely different and they are different in every cell of their bodies. Even skeletal remains can be identified by gender by a forensic scientist because every bone in their human bodies is entirely unique according to their gender.

God did not make males and females the same at all but at the same time God made them for each other and they will not find fulfillment except it be within marriage to one of the opposite gender.

Another great difference found between males and females is the way that they think. A woman’s mind does not operate the same as a man’s mind does. Feminine thinking is vastly different than masculine logic. Feminine thinking is generally open-minded to the thoughts and opinions of others and they generally will seek to have equality for all. Feminine thinking will tend to give others what they want in the present time frame without consideration for the long term result of their decisions.

Masculine logic considers the long term effects of a decision and is willing to make immediate sacrifices for the sake of a long term good. Masculine logic is more concerned with doing what is right rather than with trying to please everyone and grant equality for all by giving everyone an equal say in the matter.

Feminine thinking is best suited for managing the home but is totally misplaced in leadership and government where trying to grant equality for all can destroy an entire nation. Trying to please everyone results in nothing but causing strife and arguing as their boat sinks while no one takes the decisive leadership needed to save the nation from disaster. Women in leadership typically pull any group of people into the inactivity of airing opinions and debating rather than taking decisive action needed to keep them all from sinking into oblivion!

The first woman Eve displayed her open-mindedness to the thoughts and opinions of the devil. It was through her open-mindedness that Satan found an opportunity to deceive her. It is for this reason that the feminine mind is prone toward deception.

Genesis 3:4-6 (NIV)

4 “You will not surely die,” the serpent said to the woman.

5 “For God knows that when you eat of it your eyes will be opened, and you will be like God, knowing good and evil.”

6 When the woman saw that the fruit of the tree was good for food and pleasing to the eye, and also desirable for gaining wisdom, she took some and ate it. She also gave some to her husband, who was with her, and he ate it.

In the garden of Eden, Satan appeared in the form of a serpent and the tempted the woman to transgress against God’s commands. The devil appealed to the woman’s feminine sense of equality and told her that it was not right that God was on a higher level than she was. Eve wanted to be equal with God so she ate of the fruit and this is the first instance of feminine equality.

Feminine equality is a satanic deception used to cause women to leave their assigned role to cause them to intrude in the leadership role of men.


It is God’s given purpose for men to be leaders and providers and protectors of their own families and it is God’s given purpose for women to meet the family needs in the home. Whenever women forsake their God-given roles in the home and seek to become equal with men then the good purpose of each gender is lost.

The product of feminine equality is to turn all humans into unisex beings. For example, feminists do not like the word “policeman” because that is too sexist for them. So they prefer to call those in law enforcement as police officers. They seek to erase every distinction that makes the two genders different. The end result is that the men are no longer masculine anymore and the women are no longer feminine anymore. They are neutered in behavior to become neither a man nor a woman.

This causes a lot of confusion as women assume leadership using their feminine thinking of equality for all and men resign themselves to become passive followers of women supposing they are being a model man by throwing their leadership to the women. The end result is that liberal males are no longer men and liberal women are no longer ladies. Both parties have been reduced to being equal and that causes them both to be gender-less unisex humans.

Where have all the real men gone? They have become nurtured unisex humans with no male leadership and no masculine logic evident! Where have the real women gone? They also departed from God’s ordained plan for their lives to assume the role of men and have also become unisex humans. A unisex human is neither male nor female because they lost the clear distinctions of their own gender which makes them a male or female.

God’s laws forbid that the good qualities of things should be lost by mixing. Plants were not to be cross-pollinated or they will lose the good qualities that they once possessed. Livestock are not to be cross-bred because they will lose the good qualities of their specific breed. Textiles were not to be mixed together or else the good qualities of each textile would be lost when the two textiles were mixed together.

The same principle also applies to mixing of the human genders. Women are not to intrude into the role of men and men are not to behave like women. Feminine equality was invented by Satan to cause women to leave their ordained place and reach out for equality with men. This perverse equality brings a curse wherever it is found and such equality renders both genders worthless. A man who is rendered into a woman is worthless as a man. A woman who is rendered to be a man by equality is worthless as a woman. Both genders become reduced to meaningless unisex human beings by forced equality that erases all differences between male and female and makes them all equal.

Mixing the genders together renders them useless just as mixing plants or livestock or materials together renders them useless. God made male and female distinctly different and gave each gender a specific role to fulfill. Men are not to behave like women by submitting to their wives and women are not to behave like men to assume leadership over their husbands. Each is to fulfill their own God-given role and they are to renew their minds to think like God and submit to God’s natural created order.

God does not want things to be mixed together and this most certainly includes the mixing of genders by forced feminine equality.

Deuteronomy 22:5 (NIV)

5 A woman must not wear men’s clothing, nor a man wear women’s clothing, for the LORD your God detests anyone who does this.

The scriptures clearly state that the things of human gender should not be confused together. A man is not to wear clothing of a woman and dress feminine. A woman is not to wear the clothing of a man and dress masculine. The genders are created by God to remain distinct with the men being masculine and the women being feminine in nature.

Not Yoke Perverse Species


Deuteronomy 22:10 (NASB)

10 “You shall not plow with an ox and a donkey together.

It would be perversion to use two animals of different species to try and pull a load in unison together! An ox is slow and powerful and a donkey has a different gate and cannot pull together in unison with oxen. This would be as ridiculous as attaching a bulldozer and a dirt bike together on a load and expect them to pull together! The bulldozer would be pulling slow and powerful and the motorcycle would be throwing rooster-tails of dirt in the air as it spins its back wheels trying to pull the load. This is a modern picture of the absurdity of using an ox and a donkey in the same yoke to pull a load together!

Yoking Perverse Species Together

The images above show the use of vastly different species attached together to pull a plow. Having cows and donkeys and camels yoked together in mixed pairs is absurd. These perverse combinations are illustrations of the same principle found in scripture that says an oxen and donkey should not be paired together to pull a plow. Anything that is missed-matched will not work together in unison and the animals above are so diverse that they cannot pull a load together. Each of them has a different gate, and speed and height and strength and yoked together they create much resistance against one another which reduces their ability to pull a load using their combined strength.

These images seen above of mixed paired animals yoked together were probably taken in the early 1900’s somewhere in the Middle East. Today most food production is done using mechanized agriculture so seeing a plow pulled by mixed livestock would be extremely rare in this day and age. While this may seem to have little application in modern agriculture today, the biblical principle of not yoking diverse species together like an ox and donkey still has a wide application in many other areas.

Often the term being “unequally yoked” can also be used to describe the marriage of individuals who are not compatible with each other.

Illustration of incompatibility

This cartoon illustration above reminds me of a story that a friend told me of his sister-in-law and her husband. This sister-in-law received a liberal education where she was taught to resist male authority and assert her female equal rights. So, whenever the husband said anything this woman would automatically resist whatever he said! My friend started laughing at their behavior and they were puzzled about what he thought was so funny. He replied that this couple could not even decide what they would eat for dinner without this woman fighting her husband over it. She was just like this donkey in the above illustration that is yoked to an ox and is kicking and fighting against the oxen as she seeks to go her own way! There is no unity in a marriage where the woman refuses to adapt herself to her husband. She will never become one-flesh or one-person together with him if she is resisting every decision he makes. Having two heads in the marriage will result in turmoil and strife as the woman insists on having her own way and deprives the man of fulfilling his leadership role in the home as God intended for him to do.

If a man meditates on God’s word and lives according to God’s divine order but his wife is a liberal who contradicts and resists everything taught by the Torah, then they will be unequally yoked if they are married together. It would be better for a man to stay single than to marry a woman like that! If a woman wants to have her own way, then the man should not marry her and let her go to her grave as an old maid spinster. It is no wonder that over 50% of all marriages in liberal nations end in divorce when the women in these marriages all behave like the donkey in the above illustration and resist their husbands in everything that he says.

Unified Oxen

This is an image of two oxen that were specifically chosen as a unified pair to pull a heavy load for a weight pulling competition. They have the same height, the same weight, the same gate, the same strength and are of the same species. They are able to pull in unison together resulting in the moving of a heavy load of great weight!

This image can serve as an illustration of unity when two are yoked together equally and are pulling together in unison. There is a force multiplying factor present when people work together which causes them to accomplish much more than if they were working alone as individuals. The total amount of work accomplished by a group is vastly increased over the sum total of all of the individuals working on their own. This same principle applies to any group of people which work together in unity.

Genesis 11:6 (CJB)

6 Adonai said, “Look, the people are united, they all have a single language, and see what they’re starting to do! At this rate, nothing they set out to accomplish will be impossible for them!

Even God confirms this same principle by saying that when a group of people are unified in purpose and are working together then nothing that they set out to accomplish will be impossible for them to do! This means that when people pull together in unison, they can accomplish great things and nothing will be impossible for them.

But in order for people to work together in unison there must be some strong leadership to guide them as a group. If the people all want to be involved in leadership and they all want an equal say in decision making, then they will never accomplish anything as a group. They will forever be fighting and bickering and arguing and debating while their ship is sinking. They will not accomplish anything if they do not understand God’s plan for divine order in leadership.

I have heard a statement that says, “The fastest way to not get anything done is to appoint a committee over something!” I believe this is a true statement because if people form a committee, they will accomplish nothing except the airing of opinions and they will never get anything done!

The democratic form of government is in fact a feminine type of leadership just like committee-style leadership is also feminine in nature. It is the nature of women to want to have equality for all and give everyone in the group an equal say in the decision-making process. So, they will typically go around and debate on an issue and then have everyone give their opinion on the matter. When they cannot come to agreement then they will take a vote.

But voting is never a good way to make a decision. If there are 13 people in a group and 6 people are for an issue and 6 people are against this issue, then there will be one person left who is undecided. At this point both parties will try to influence the undecided person to join their group to give them the majority so they can have their own way! This however can never be construed as being the best method of decision making because generally the undecided person is the idiot of the group who cannot make up his mind. But this system of majority vote will often throw the decision to the idiot of the group to decide which way both groups will go.

Two-party government system

The same cartoon illustration above that can be used to describe a marriage that is unequally yoked can also applied to a two-party democratic system where both parties resist each other and nothing can be accomplished in decisive manner.

The US government is set up with an adversarial-type of system that pits two parties against one another. It is assumed that the opposing parties will come up with the right decision between them but this seldom is the case. When the Republicans are in office then the Democrats will resist everything that they try to implement. If the Democrats are in power, then the Republicans will resist everything that they try to do. They call this a system of checks and balances because they seek to check the power of the opposing group and balance the power between both parties.

Sometimes the president is unable to take any decisive action because of the resistance going within the government of two parties fighting each other and both parties wanting to go in a different direction. Sometimes the president will threaten to shut down the government if the two parties do not agree and come up with a solution.

So if the U.S. government shuts down then government services stop (like the issue of passports) and the citizens begin to get angry. This citizen anger then puts pressure on the two opposing groups to take action and do something. It is similar to a plowman trying to apply pressure on a donkey to get it moving by using whip. But if the donkey is stubborn (like the illustration seen above) and wants to go its own way and is resisting the oxen in the yoke with it, then no pressure or whip can make them go forward. When two parties are going in different directions, they cannot accomplish anything.

This is the disadvantage of having a democratic system that is feminine in nature as they seek to give everyone an equal say in the decision-making process. Most often they accomplish nothing but debating and arguing while their country is sinking. This type of democratic government deprives them of making the masculine decisions that are needed to take the action necessary to save them from inevitable disaster.


King David is an example of a man serving as a chief executive officer. The term “chief’ comes from that of a tribal council where one man serves as the chief and he makes the final decisions what the tribe will do. A chief executive officer will listen to the council of experts who provide him with the best information possible for which he bases his decisions upon. But once a decision is made then all of the people pull together in unity and give their full support to carry out the decision made by the C.E.O.

Having a tribal council is vastly different than having a bunch of empty heads all airing their opinions in a committee. Advisers who give counsel to the chief are men noted for wisdom and insight. They are not airing opinions trying to win a majority vote to follow their proposed direction. The end result of having an acting C.E.O. is that things get done. There is only one man who makes the final decision based on the best information and counsel provided by his advisers.

There is an expression that states, “The buck stops here!” This expression can refer to the passing of the “buck” or passing the responsibility off to others. This often occurs when all of the empty heads on a committee want to pass the buck onto someone else. This happens when no one wants to take responsibility for taking a specific course of action. A C.E.O. however cannot pass the buck onto anyone else or blame others because he makes the final decisions and all responsibility rests upon him. Under the tribal council system, they do not determine direction by a majority vote. They also do not follow the committee-style leadership model that will instigate a congressional ordeal in order to find a scapegoat to blame when their majority plan fails miserably! Any failures rest squarely on the shoulders of the C.E.O. who made the final decision. This is the essence of what masculine leadership is all about. Masculine leadership does not seek to please everyone or let them air their opinions but seeks expert advice then executes action based on that sound advice. A C.E.O. leadership model is masculine in nature for this reason.

Equality-for-all type of leadership does not flow together with a tribal council system where one man is in charge and has full authority. Under a tribal council system one leader takes decisive action. This is a great contrast to the committee style leadership of giving everyone an equal say in voting on what they think they should do.

God requires that women submit to their own husbands and allow them to be the heads of their households. God also requires members of a group to submit to their leader and allow him to make decisions that are for the best interests of the group. But a leader cannot try to please everyone or else he will be rendered ineffective in executing any type of direction. So a chief executive officer is a chief who executes a course of action for a group based upon the best information provided by his advisers.

Whenever there is more than one-head in a marriage there will be chaos and turmoil. The same is also true with any group of people. If they want to give everyone an equal “say” in leadership, then they will go nowhere as a group because they have multiple heads. Submission to leadership is key for people to be yoked together in unity as a group. Without submission people will be so distracted fighting and resisting one another that they will never accomplish anything great as a community together. In fact, the word “community” includes the word “unity” because if a group of people are not in “unity” together then they will not be able to achieve anything. Only by joining together in “unity” can a group of people prosper much more than if they work alone as individuals but they will have to submit to a leader in order for them to find unity as a group.

Amos 3:3 (NKJV)

3 Can two walk together, unless they are agreed?

The prophet Amos said that two people cannot walk together unless they are in agreement. If one person wants to go left and resists the leader who is trying to go right, then this will produce conflict. The same principle is true of any group of people because if they cannot walk in agreement together then they will never be in unity and cannot accomplished anything as a group. Those who are divided will fall and this is true of a marriage, and true of a partnership, or a company, or even a nation. If a group of people do not pull together in unity, they cannot accomplish anything and they are doomed to failure and destruction.

Deuteronomy 22:10 (NASB)

10 “You shall not plow with an ox and a donkey together.

The principle of not plowing with an ox and donkey together is really a principle that speaks of agreement. If people to do not submit to one leader, then they cannot work in unity together. The same principle which applies to animals pulling in a yoke also applies to any group of people working together and also to a married couple who walk in agreement as a unified pair.

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