Civil Leaders Dealing With Tough Situations

There are a few world leaders who have done an outstanding job when placed within seemingly impossible situations and both President Vladimir Putin of Russia and President Pak Chung Hee, (the third President of South Korea) fall into this same category. President Park, Chung Hee for example, inherited a terrible mess when his nation was destroyed during the Korean war and his citizens languished in terrible poverty. He rose up to the situation and seized leadership from the incompetent leaders before him who were doing nothing to improve the situation of Korea. He then did whatever was necessary to build his nation’s economic base. The income of the people of South Korea increased tenfold during the presidency of Park, Chung Hee. He laid the economic foundation that endures today and is the foundation of the present South Korean prosperity. See the link “Strong Leader Verses Dictator” for more details.

Vladimir Putin is another civil leader who faced a nearly impossible situation presented to him after the collapse of the former communist Soviet system. Under the former Soviet Union, the communists had seized all private industry and closed down private ownership of businesses and completely destroyed the economic base of Russia. After the fall of the Soviet Union in 1991, and the chaos that followed, the leaders before Putin were unable to deal effectively with the post-Soviet situation that went steadily from bad to worse.

For a scholarly work on this subject see the book “Putinomics” by Chris Miller:

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In rebuilding Russia (after the “communist disaster” had completely destroyed it) the first step was to privatize key industries and again encourage the ownership of private businesses (which are the backbone of the economy). These things had been all seized and closed down by the Soviets who placed the people under their authoritarian rule and communist oppression for decades, that nearly wiped out all human incentive and innovation. Under the Soviet rule, industry and private enterprise and production of goods and products languished. The banking industry nearly collapsed and everyone was under survival mode. Under such conditions the mafia and the black market all rose up to provide goods (at exorbitant prices) that were not being produced in Russia. Corruption also flourished within various major industries and leadership positions were being given to those who paid the highest bribes. It was under this corrupt system that Vladimir Putin entered and began to set things in order. The chaos and anarchy created under the Soviet rule, had turned the economic system of Russian into the “Wild West” where Mafia-types and corrupt kingpins of the underground economy ruled and oligarchs controlled major Russian industries.

Vladimir Putin had a background with the former KGB intelligence service and in fact he had connections with others from this former government bureau who knew the inner workings and operations of the underground criminal organizations. This worked to his advantage because one of the first things that needed to be reestablished (to restore order) was to restore the government tax-base. Without tax revenues a government cannot serve to put the nation in order so that honest businesses can thrive. So, Putin was able to exact taxes from those operating within the underground black market and this was the first step in restoring Russian into normalcy again. Yes, he had to work with shady characters in the beginning in order to secure the tax base but these actions are all related to a leader doing whatever was necessary under the situation he found himself in so that his nation could begin to move toward progress again.

Also Putin had to deal with oligarchs who gained control of major industries such as gas and oil and mining operations. These kingpins operated with impunity because they had so much wealth that they could pay bribes and swing elections and therefore could dictate their own terms to the government. So when Putin assumed leadership, Russia was like the wild west run by kingpins that controlled the various industries. But Putin showed these kingpins who was the boss when he imprisoned a kingpin who had become outrageous in his assumptions of his own unbridled freedom to do whatever he pleased and thought he could continue to dictate to the government whatever he would demand of them. But this “kingpin arrogance” was silenced when he was placed in prison and suddenly other kingpin rulers of major industries decided they better pay their taxes or they might also suffer a similar fate.

It should be noted that whenever there is a lack of strong leadership (or poor leadership exists) then this will create leadership-voids and these voids open the door for “mafia-types” and criminal leaders to take over. These criminal leaders would demand so-called “taxes” from any business that attempted to operate. But a mafia extorting money with threat of violence is not the same as paying taxes to a government (which provides something in return). The mafia-type criminals do not provide any infrastructure or build any roads or schools or anything in return for their so-called “taxes” which they seized from the people. Therefore it was of vital importance that Vladimir Putin restore an honest government tax system in order to provide police for security and roads for moving products and everything else needed to conduct legitimate legal business.

Preparing Reserves for Lean Times

Countries that depend upon oil revenues for government income are in danger because of the wild fluctuation of oil prices. There are boom and bust cycles in the oil industry and Putin recognized this and so he stored up huge financial reserves when oil prices were high to cover the nation when lean times would eventually come. This is the same wisdom employed by Joseph in Egypt when he stored up great reserves of grain during the seven “boom-years” to serve as a reserve during the coming seven “bust-years” of famine. See Genesis 41:28-36.

Genesis 41:28–36 (NASB95)
28 “It is as I have spoken to Pharaoh: God has shown to Pharaoh what He is about to do.
29 “Behold, seven years of great abundance are coming in all the land of Egypt;
30 and after them seven years of famine will come, and all the abundance will be forgotten in the land of Egypt, and the famine will ravage the land.
31 “So the abundance will be unknown in the land because of that subsequent famine; for it will be very severe.
32 “Now as for the repeating of the dream to Pharaoh twice, it means that the matter is determined by God, and God will quickly bring it about.
33 “Now let Pharaoh look for a man discerning and wise, and set him over the land of Egypt.
34 “Let Pharaoh take action to appoint overseers in charge of the land, and let him exact a fifth of the produce of the land of Egypt in the seven years of abundance.
35 “Then let them gather all the food of these good years that are coming, and store up the grain for food in the cities under Pharaoh’s authority, and let them guard it.
36 “Let the food become as a reserve for the land for the seven years of famine which will occur in the land of Egypt, so that the land will not perish during the famine.”

Wise financial stewardship of assets and finances can result in the prosperity of any nation, which is run by a civil leader who operates using foresight like Joseph. In the time of Joseph, all of the wealth of the surrounding nations flowed into Egypt because only Egypt had grain for sale (while all nations surrounding Egypt languished in famine). Egypt became the richest nation on earth during the time of Joseph because of his wise leadership and good foresight and advanced planning.

Putin also brought financial stability to Russia by his foresight in storing up large financial reserves when the gas and oil prices were high. Russia now has better financial management within its government than what the currently “liberal-run” United States government has under the Biden regime. See the link “Here’s One Area Where Russia Beats the U.S.” for more details.

Stopping Corruption

Corruption allows a small handful of people to amass huge wealth while leaving the rest of the country in abject poverty. Putin realized this as well and does not tolerate corruption knowing that an honest business environment is essential to developing the Russian economy. Russian now ranks 35th out of 190 in the World Bank’s Doing Business ratings. Previously Russia was ranked 124th in 2010 so this shows a great improvement as a result of Putin’s foresight in improving his nation’s business environment. See the link “Who Putin is Not” for more details.

Liberals love to scream “corruption” and accuse Putin of being evil but the economic statistics say otherwise. If Putin was as evil as liberals say then why did his country improve from a rank of 124 and climb to an exalted position of 35 in good business ratings? Yes, Putin had to deal with shady characters in the beginning of his rule and work with corrupt oligarchs. Rampant corruption existed after the fall of the Soviet system and Putin had to take action to deal with that corruption and get the Russian government operational again. Once things were under control of the government (instead of criminal organizations) then Putin could begin to help his people and bring law and order again to a nation that had fallen into turmoil and was as unruly as the wild west.

The success of Vladimir Putin mirrors the same success as President Park, Chung Hee of South Korea. The success of these two leaders can be measured by the drastic changes that took place as seen by the horrible condition of their nations at the beginning of their tenors compared to where their nations stand today. Increasing the income of citizens by ten-times and bringing order to a nation, are all attributes of a successful leader and these things prove that these leaders were working toward the good of their own people. Again, see the link “Strong Leader Verses Dictator” for more details.

President Park, Chung Hee had to seize leadership by military coup away from the incompetent leaders that reigned before him. Liberals would scream that this is not democratic but this was something that was necessary and it was a “manly thing” to do so that national improvement could be effected. Working with mafia organizations and corrupt oligarchs was something Putin had to do in the beginning of his reign in order to get started with his program of restoring his nation back to law and order again. Today the corruption is greatly diminished in Russia from what it was following the fall of the Soviet Union. The rank of 35 shows that Russia has now moved toward the top of the list of best countries for doing business. Business cannot operate if owners are being shaken down by gangs or mafia and are being extorted by threats of violence.

Liberals like to attack and accuse Putin but their own track records are totally dismal. U.S. cities run by liberals are no longer conducive to business because liberal ideology encourages youth to go out and take whatever they want under guise of liberal social justice. Entire retail store chains (located in liberal run cities) have been closed down by smash and grab looters taking everything in the stores. How ironic that liberals accuse Putin of corruption when their own liberal-run cites are falling apart with anarchy and lawlessness and large scale closure of businesses. Liberals holding civil leadership positions in government can take “once-prosperous” cites and states and reduce them to total desolation after all of the productive people leave and nothing is left but a wasteland where formerly beautiful neighborhoods are destroyed and nice houses are abandoned and then gutted by looters tearing the plumbing out of the walls only to sell the metal for scrap.

Liberals Block Russia from EU

The EU and the rest of the western nations have worked to largely block and restrict Russia from participation in the western economic system. They treat Russia the same after the fall of the Soviet Union as they did before. In fact, the need for NATO no longer existed after the Soviet Union collapsed. Also, there are other factors related to the Russian invasion of Ukraine and one of them is biolabs which threaten the destruction of the Russian population by pathogens. See the link “Russia is Not as Bad as Liberals Portray” for more details.

Having U.S. economic trade with Russia would be better than the current situation of having U.S. economic trade with communist China. The communists of the CCP ruling party even practice forced organ harvesting by executing people and harvesting their organs for sale. The members of the CCP are godless and have no regard for human life whatsoever and also imprison Christians for their faith. This is a great contrast to Russia which has fully returned to being a Christian nation again (after the fall of godless Soviet communist rule). It is far better to allow a Christian nation like Russia to prosper by extending trade deals with them rather than prospering a godless regime (by western trade deals) which is a country that is still run by communists in today’s China.

Russia’s Separation From the Liberal West is a Great Opportunity

The liberals hate Putin because he restored Christianity to his nation once again and he even bans liberal perversion such as gay pride parades and bans sodomites from indoctrinating Russian school children in Russian schools. This is why the liberal run west wants to sanction Russia and exclude them from trade. But Russia has already experienced the misery of the godless Soviet rule and so they are forever “inoculated” from falling under such godless authoritarian rule ever again. This flies in the face of the liberal globalist plan to bring the nations under their own form godless authoritarian rule. See the link “The Liberal Globalist Great Reset” for more details.

This liberal “isolation” of Russia (via western sanctions) however has a golden lining and provides an opportunity that Russian can develop a new living system within their own borders that is completely self-sufficient and can operate outside the liberal controlled western economic system (comprised of the nations of the E.U. and USA and Canada). These western liberals are seeking to create a godless global state on earth, while at the same time Russia is turning back to God again. Therefore Russia is now standing in the way of the evil agenda of the liberal globalists. Again, see the link “The Liberal Globalist Great Reset” for more details.

The Russian Far East contains vast areas of undeveloped regions with huge deposits of natural resources and has large reserves of fresh water (which are needed for civilization building). Russia in fact has no need of being part of the western liberal controlled economic system but could build their own self-sufficient system and thus create freedom for those people who seek to escape the coming godless liberal authoritarian rule that will soon enslave the inhabitants of the earth. This godless authoritarian rule has already been predicted by biblical prophecy which states that a one-world government will be established and everyone on earth will be forced to comply with the dictates of a godless one-world ruler (or face the threat of being culled for their faith in God). See the topics found at the link “Prophet Future Events” for more details.

Also, Russia has such huge areas of undeveloped regions, with room for millions of pioneer migrants (who could come and develop the Russian Far East). This region has vast areas in need of development and huge deposits of natural resources that are essential for building new civilizations. Again, see the link “New Living System in Siberia” for more details.

See the link “Nurturing Environment of Prosperity and Peace” for more details.