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New Living System in Siberia

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Below are “Password Protected” links related to our plans to build a New Living System in Siberia:

NSP2 – (Siberian Project)

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Automated Living System

Aquaponic Energy

Construction Rig

Cottage Industry

Cutting Trenches

Desert Water Harvesting

Livestock Treadmill

Water Lift System

New Society Built Upon Biblical Precedent

7K-Boy’s Club

Bot-Tots Baby Boy Training

Male Mentor Program

Pre-Military Shooter Training

Military Training Program

Male Learning Method

Urbanite Failure

Cosmas Pistol

Self-made table saw

Self-Made Disc Sander

Self-Made Router Table

Self-Made C-Clamps

Wood Excavator

Woodpecker Toy-1

Woodpecker Toy-2

Rubber Band Gun-1

Rubber Band Gun-2

Rubber Band Gun-3

Wooden Dowel Gun

Wooden Powered Robot

Making Wooden Gears

Robotic Arm

Forklift Chain Type

Truck Crane

Crawler Loader

Forklift Cam Type

Metal Casting

Ferrari 312 PB

Automated Casting

Extreme distance Hunting

Company Information

Marksmanship Training

Boy’s Club Projects

Hat Case

Refrigerator Organization

PVC Plant Support

PVC Trashcan Extension

PVC Wall Protector Splashguard

PVC Organizer Board

PVC Marker Board

PVC Kneading Board

Three Ingredient Bread

Ingredient Tray

PVC Scrap Materials Box

PVC Induction Stove Splashguard

PVC Gas Range Splashguard

PVC Tool Cases

PVC Plate Tote

Tool Safety

Measuring Tools

Fastening Tools

Grinder Step-Drill Vice

Straight Edge Tools

Portable Work Bench

USB Stand and Portable Light

Stewardship of Assets

Paracord Projects

Aviation Scale Models

Rubber Band Guns

Language Learning Program

Language Course – National Defense

Language Course -Dropping Manhood

Language Course – Expansive Energy

Language Course – Women Destroy Civilization

Language Course – Principles of Survival

Language Course – Last Man Standing

Language Course – Setting Households In Order

Language Course – Child Discipline

Language Course – Genders Not Equal

Language Course – Sin Nature of Eve

Language Course – Head Covering And Submission

Language Course – Divine Order For Women

Language Course – Husbands Love Your Wives

Language Course – No Free Ride

Language Course – About Us

Language Course – Fivefold Ministry Gifts

Language Course – Levites Naturally Gifted

Language Course – Religious Vultures

Language Course – Mechanics Of A Cult

Language Course – Fivefold Not by Lineage

Language Course – Levite Woman

Language Course – Levite Choosing A Specific Woman

Language Course – Levites Commanded To Live of Ministry

Language Course – Prophetic Words

Language Course – Idols of the Heart

Language Course – Apostles Abolish Disorder

Language Course – Apostle Poem

Language Course – Apostolic Foundation

Language Course – Apostolic Perception

Language Course – Apostolic Theme

Language Course – No Apostle, No Prophet, No Heaven

Language Course – When Milk Fails

Language Course – Purpose of the Church

Language Course – Correct Ministry Application

Language Course – Ruth: A Spiritual Analogy

Language Course – Sword of Division

Language Course – Gift Gone Dormant

Language Course – Heresy Of The Evangelist

Language Course – Sin of Denial

Language Course – Pastor’s Dilemma

Language Course – Endorsing Laymen Intruders

Language Course – Idolatry: Curse Of A Nation

Man Topics

National Defense
Dropping Manhood
Expansive Energy
Women Destroy Civilization
Principles of Survival
Last Man Standing
Setting Households in Order
Child Discipline
Genders Not Equal
Sin Nature of Eve
Head Covering and Submission
Divine Order for Women
Husbands Love Your Wife
No Free Ride

Men Are Defenders

Women Topics

Specific Prayer for a Mate
Cho-Testimony of Specific Prayer
Helen’s Levite Woman Story
Related to Women Topics
Head Covering and Submission
Divine Order for Women
Sin Nature of Eve
Genders Not Equal
Child Discipline
Women Destroy Civilization

Home Management Program

Jewish Topics

Jewish Well of Salvation
Everything Good Comes From the Jews
Lordship of Adonai
Mix Not Laws
Parable of Goat and Mother’s Milk
Principle Approach
Seed for Future
Sowing into Good Soil
Touch Not Laws
Wisdom of Jewish People

General Biblical Topics

Three Parts of Man
Abraham Bosom
Spiritual Restraints
New Creation Born of God
Led by the Spirit
Origin and Operation of Demons
Doctrines of Demons
Factors that Affect Healing
Atonement Series
Giving and Kingdom Finances
Gift of Businessman “Giver”
Thornbush Leaders and Freeloaders
Salvation’s Race
Escape from Christendom
Overcoming Christian
Fear of the Lord
Christians in Hell

Dead Religion Resists Salvation

Button Hole Principle
Forsake Not Grace
Temperament Types
Cutting Stones of Fit
Social Work Failure
Sin Nature Crucifixion
Remain in Ordained Place

When Revival Swept Korea

Honest Aspirations

Three Routes to Hell

Principle of Separation

Fivefold Ministry Topics

About Us
Fivefold Ministry Gifts
Levites Naturally Gifted
Religious Vultures
Mechanics of a Cult
Fivefold Not by Lineage
Levite Woman
Levite Choosing Specific Woman
Levites Commanded to Live of Ministry
Spiritual Gifts
Prophetic Words
Idols of the Heart
Apostles Abolish Disorder
Apostle Poem
Apostolic Foundation
Apostolic Perception
Apostolic Theme
No Apostle, No Prophet, No Heaven
When Milk Fails
Purpose of the Church
Correct Ministry Application
Ruth-A Spiritual Analogy
Sword of Division
Gift Gone Dormant
Heresy of the Evangelist
Sin of Denial
Pastor’s Dilemma
Endorsing Laymen Intruders
Idolatry – Curse of a Nation
Church at Ephesus
Root of Bitterness
Sin of Unforgiveness
Rules of Engagement
Valley of Decision
Curse of Bitter Water
Defining God’s Direction
Handwriting on the Wall
Leave Not Post
Never Apologize for God’s Word
Projects and Levites
Retaining Spiritual Substance
Precious Hungry Hearts

Prayer Topics

Pathway to Prayer
Tabernacle Gates
Brazen Altar
Brazen Laver
Bread of Presence
Altar of Incense
Ark of Covenant
Spiritual Armor
Praying the Word


Bible Translation Mistakes

7K-Bible Old Testament

7K-First Samuel
7K-Second Samuel
7K-First Kings
7K-Second Kings
7K-First Chronicles
7K-Second Chronicles
7K-Song of Solomon

7K-Bible New Testament

7K-First Corinthians
7K-Second Corinthians
7K-First Thessalonians
7K-Second Thessalonians
7K-First Timothy
7K-Second Timothy
7K-First Peter
7K-Second Peter
7K-First John
7K-Second John
7K-Third John


Apostle Poem
Eagle Poem
Mentoring Manhood
Mother Poem
Raped by Religion
Tribute to a Father

Supportive Material

New Financial System

Satanic Consolidation of Power

Rise of the One-World Ruler

Sulfur Balls of Sodom

LGBT Foreign Policy

New Living System in Siberia

Oklahoma Marriage Initiative

State Failed To Reduce Divorce

Korea’s Population Decline

Korean School Closings

When Revival Swept Korea

Principles of Survival

Operation Bernhard

Worst Cases of Inflation

Countries With Highest Inflation

The Bielski Brothers

Ten-Million Russian Citizenships

Getting Out of Dodge

Free Land in Russia

Russia: The Last Christian Empire

Best Cold Weather Meat and Milk Sheep Breeds

Icelandic Sheep Breeds

Best Sheep Breeds for Milk

Defiance Movie

FBI Told To Investigate Parents

Trans-swimmer Dominates Women’s Sports

Start-Up Nation

Mark Rober Engineering

More Carbon Dioxide is Good, Less is Bad

Increasing CO2 = Record Harvests

Carbon CO2 Cycle

Biased Reporting on Global Warning Ignores Cold

Civil Leadership Topics

Having Pets Instead of Kids

Carl Icahn Toehold Takeover

Liberals Pursue Pig Welfare

Leaving the West

Russian Faith and Freedom

Family is What Matters

Gender Change: Crime Against Humanity

Russian Reviving Christian Roots

Christianity: Foundation of Russia

Russia Promotes Conservative Values

Wokeism Destroying the West

Gulags for Christians

Homos Come After Children

Oppose Trannies Lose Parental Rights

School Book Promotes Transgenderism

Sodomites Recruit Children

Homosexuals Persecute Christians

Punished for Views on Marriage

Pastor Arrested for Sermon on Marriage

Hate Crime for Criticizing Homosexuality

Gender-X On US Passports

Netherlands Closes Farms

Russia Offers Free land

Underground City

Genghis Khan Cooled the Planet

Genghis Khan Good for Planet

Genghis Khan Killing Humans Good for Environment

Chernobyl: An Environmental Success

Wildlife Thriving in Chernobyl

Animals Rule Chernobyl

Bribes and Injustice Crash a Nation

Allowing Citizens to Prosper

Civil Leaders that Exploit

Prophetic Events


Innovation Development

Hat Case

Burn Cure

Social Dating App


International Dating and Marriage

Korean Demographics

Urbanite Failure

Male Learning Method

Hardware and Technology Topics

Enterprise and Investment Topics

Liberals Hate Humans

Liberals Save the Pigs

Honest Aspirations

Three Routes to Hell

Innovation for Food Production

Synology (NAS)

Value of Currency

Order in Finances

Pooling Resources

People Are Essential

Failure of the Global Centralized System

National Self-Sufficiency